The Maternal and Child Medicine Program attended the towns “El Jardín” and “El Tala”

The extramural program of the Maternal and Child Public Hospital transferred specialists to the towns “El Jardín” and “El Tala” to provide around 400 assistance to its inhabitants.

The delegation worked on July 21 and 22 in local hospitals and health centers; Specialists in pediatric clinic, ophthalmology, traumatology, pediatric and adult cardiology, gynecology, neurology and pediatric dentistry, with the support of nursing staff, administration and the coordination of the Tala y Jardín staff, performed around four hundred health assistances in an intense day of work.

The initiative of the management team of the Maternal and Child Hospital, led by Dr. Federico Mangione, seeks to bring specialist assistance to communities far from the capital, which have greater complications in accessing them.

The children’s cardiologist and coordinator of the extramural program, Hernán Vélez, the adult cardiologist Roque Gutiérrez, the traumatologist Rocío Quiroz, the neurologist Diego Fernando Díaz, the gynecologist María José Ángel, the ophthalmologist Fany Pamela López, pediatric clinicians participated in the delegation. Sergio Zamar and Corina Graciela Dlugoszewski, the adult clinician Rosana Quinteros, the dentists Karim Gadban and Agustina Balderrama, the nurses Valeria Rodríguez and Adriana Farfán, and the administrators Valeria Casimiro and Luis Abud.

This action was possible thanks to the support of the Forum of Mayors of Salta, the mayor of El Tala and El Jardín, the Maternal and Child Public Hospital Foundation and the Network Management Coordination of the Government of the province of Salta.

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