The Mario movie confirms the first official digital release date

The Mario movie confirms the first official digital release date

We bring news about the Super Mario movie and more specifically about its digital release date. This indicates that the last rumor that reached us is true.

Some time ago we shared with you that the film seemed to have delayed its digital and physical release due to its success in theaters. A few days later, another different rumor stated that it was not going to be delayed and that it would be released on May 9, 2023. Finally, the third and most recent rumor suggests that it will be delayed, but only one week: theMay 16, 2023según The Hollywood Handle.

Well, now the streaming platform Optimum has surprised by announcing on their official Instagram account that they will receive the film on their platform on May 16, 2023. “Optimum TV customers can watch it starting May 16 on demand”.

This date for now only applies to this service, since neither Nintendo nor Universal have ruled on the date for its launch on other digital purchase platforms. It should be noted that the report refers to the digital release on demand and not in streaming. This means its arrival in stores like Apple Store, Amazon o Google Playbut not services like Peacock or Netflix.

We will have to be attentive to see if it is finally like that. What do you think about it? We will continue to report on the Mario movie!


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