The maniac harassing girls outside the gym: arrested and released

He annoys girls and injures a local police officer in Desio, in Brianza, but after a few hours he is already free. It happened on Tuesday in the territory of the Federal Center for Artistic Gymnastics near the Paladesio. The perpetrator of the gesture is a young Nigerian who harassed some young people, including minors, who were in front of the sports facility in via Agnesi.

At the sight of the local police, who intervened after the alarm given by witnesses, the man began to insult the officers. The attacker then tried to punch them, and one of the officers was wounded during the ensuing struggle. The maniac, who had already been reported for crimes, theft, resistance to a public official and with a ban on staying on the provincial territory, was then accompanied to the command of via Partigiani d’Italia and arrested.

But for a short time, as confirmed by Andrea Villa, councilor for security of the municipality of Desio. “The local police arrested a non-EU citizen of Nigerian nationality who was harassing girls outside the gymnasium where rhythmic gymnastics is held – he explained -. When the agents arrived, the man attacked them and He was taken and brought into command.Unfortunately, despite having precedents, he was also arrested several times in July for other crimes and was banned from staying in the provinces of Monza and Brianza, the laws currently in force , allowed him to be released after a few hours.

“I thank our agents who intervened within a few minutes and I hope that on the agenda of the next government there will be a serious legal reform that includes certain and severe penalties, even for those who commit actions of this nature. And to send back to the sender – concluded the commissioner – whoever comes to our country, not to work, but to commit a crime “.

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