When you’ve tasted the NBA, it’s hard to get it. A sentence once again verified with Mark Jackson. Indeed, the former coach of the Golden State Warriors recently declared himself hot for a new adventure on one of the benches of the Great League. Thus, it is an old head that reappears in a market where things are already happening quite a bit. Nevertheless, our good Mark could possibly find a shoe to suit him during the fall.

Who wants a guy who foreshadowed the Warriors’ full and utter domination of the NBA during the second half of the 2010s? Yes, if the Warriors were obviously under the orders of the brilliant Steve Kerr during all of their victorious and historic campaigns, it was Mark Jackson who prepared the ground by taking over a team from the Western Conference slums. to take him to the Playoffs and very honest regular seasons. Come on, let’s have a flashback. Arrived in the Bay in 2011, the technician will have difficulty creating a real chemistry with a dirty record of 23-43 for the first exercise at the head of the workforce, due to the lockout. Not discouraged, he works well on each axis of progression of the team, and manages to take his group to the Playoffs the following two years, without passing the semifinals of the Western Conference. Removed from his duties on May 6, 2014 to make way for Kerr, Mark then retired from coaching to become a consultant again for ESPN alongside Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy.

But the NBA wins you over. He attempted a comeback in 2018, but was grilled by David Fizdale in the Knicks bench race. And since he is secretly addicted, Mark Jackson does not give up. He recently spoke by videoconference to ESPN and showed a significant desire to return to the helm of one of the League’s workforce (via the New York Post).

“I’m particularly interested in being able to coach again. I had a blast at Golden State, built relationships that will last a lifetime, and I really want to find a new challenge in coaching. “

Unfortunately for Mark, who would have loved to lead the New York team, a door has just been closed since the Big Apple franchise has just found a new tactician in the person of Tom Thibodeau. However, Jackson could land elsewhere. Indeed, on the island opposite, the Nets are still looking for the man who will be responsible for taking Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and others to the top of the NBA. While there are rumors that Jacque Vaughn could keep his job, there is no indication that Brooklyn will not make the choice to hire someone else. Another potential solution, the Bulls, provided obviously that the new management of Chicago decides to separate from Jim Boylen, which is not yet done and one wonders why elsewhere. Either way, these are possibilities that Mark Jackson will certainly consider.

We wish you good luck in your research, Mark. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, a franchise that seeks a man of experience who can form a real team spirit to find the heights. Hello, are we good with the Bulls? We would like to introduce you to someone …

Source texte : ESPN/New York Post