The luxurious Gradsky Palace will not go to any of the heirs – and that’s why

After the death of Alexander Gradsky, the question of his inheritance became acute. The artist’s relatives share his property, luxury cars, archives and royalties from the music of the master.

In “Komsomolskaya Pravda” they said that one of the subjects of the dispute was a country house with an area of ​​​​1172.6 square meters. m on a land plot of 30 acres in the elite cottage village Novoglagolevo near Moscow, 35 km from Moscow. According to realtors, a chic mansion costs about 125 million rubles.

The locals call it a palace, and Nikita Mikhalkov was struck by the beauty of the house. The mansion is lined with expensive natural stones, marble and stucco. Inside there is a swimming pool, a cinema, collections of vintage books and interior items.

During his lifetime, Alexander Borisovich left a will in which his young wife Marina Katashenko and their common sons, as well as two adult children from a previous marriage, are mentioned. It is reported that the heirs, if they wish, can challenge it, except … for the issue of owning a house. As it turned out, the musician rewrote the house to Katashenko, and therefore it is not included in the inheritance.

Recall that the master suddenly became ill, after which the relatives called an ambulance home, but the artist lost consciousness on the way to the hospital. Doctors tirelessly fought for the life of Alexander Borisovich, but this did not bring results. Artist, composer, master Alexander Gradsky died on November 28 from a cerebral infarction.

Earlier, journalists told what were the last days of the life of the master. The performer refused rehabilitation and insisted on work.


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