The link between Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler before the great unknown with his ex-wife Patricia

The link between Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler before the great unknown with his ex-wife Patricia

This Saturday, March 4, Mario Vargas Llosa and his ex-wife Patricia reappear together at the wedding of their granddaughter Josefina. A significant moment that could clear up doubts about their reconciliation when there is a detail that prevents the writer from closing his love story with Isabel Preysler

Mario Vargas Llosa (86 years old) is in Peru. The Nobel Prize winner has not stopped doing kilometers since his break with Isabel Preysler (72 years old). Paris, Madrid, Paris again and now a return to his homeland for an important reason. His granddaughter Josefina is getting married this Saturday, March 4 in Lima in a wedding that will unite the whole family. A family event in which the Nobel Prize winner and his ex-wife Patricia (78 years old) will meet again. The wedding seems like a litmus test for both since, since they entered the French Academy, they have not been seen together in public again. But also because of another detail that takes on a new meaning precisely because, related to this historic moment, the writer continues to maintain a link with the mother of Tamara Falcó. This weekend many doubts will be cleared up. Is Mario and Patricia a real reconciliation? What is clear is that, as much as he is trying to close his love story with Isabel Preysler, there is a detail that is making it impossible for him to finally shelve it.

Josefina, the granddaughter of Vargas Llosa who speaks of Isabel Preysler as “that woman” marries

Chance has wanted Josefina, the granddaughter of Vargas Llosa who bellowed in the street (not so long ago) who refused to talk about “that woman”, referring to her grandfather’s ex-girlfriend, once again put on a plate an opportunity to return to see the author of ‘La fiesta del Chivo’ with his grandmother. Fate has also wanted this to be the occasion in which both can clear up doubts about the bond that really unites them. His approach, Was it a mirage, one more part of his revenge against the Queen of Hearts or is it as real as the sword that accompanied him on February 9?when was called “immortal” of the French institution?

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Excálibur is the one that does not allow him to cut his losses with Isabel Preysler. The emotional connection between them may have collapsed, but the sword that was attached to her waist a month ago in Paris has an implicit sentimental value related to her partner for eight years.

A legendary sword that does not let Mario cut his ties with Tamara Falcó’s mother

This goldsmith’s jewel was forged on fire in Toledo. The person in charge of carving it has been a blacksmith, a master craftsman, trusted by Jesús Sainz, vice president of Puy du fou, the medieval-themed park located in the capital of Castilla – La Mancha. The manager is a close friend of the ‘socialité’, and both he and Preysler suggested that he take on this valuable assignment months before he entered the French Academy. An element in which Tamara Falcó (41 years old) was also involved, who decided that the model that best suited his mother’s boyfriend was the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur.

The scenario could not be more strange after the trial balloons and reproaches that have been launched personally and through third parties. Excálibur continues safely in the hands of Mario since it is an essential requirement to be part of the French institution. On its elegant hilt you can read the initials of the Nobel laureate engraved with sophisticated calligraphy.

Tamara Falcó fit in public with great elegance that Vargas Llosa has laughed at her in some of his stories, as his mother revealed indignantly. “That he writes a Nobel about me, I love it. What do you want me to tell you! But if he wants to mention me, let it be with love”, she said between laughs at the photocall of the recent Fashion Week Madrid.

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The litmus test to clarify his relationship with his ex-wife Patricia

For his part, the Peruvian has not stopped emphasizing how well he is after his breakup and in the midst of a controversy with Isabel Preysler in which the writer’s children have also taken part, who have put more effort into promoting the idea of ​​rapprochement and reconciliation between him and Patricia. However, it is a situation that many have questioned, such as the journalist Pilar Eyre.

In his Lecturas blog, he sharply analyzed the “sad” expressions of Vargas Llosa, the furious and unsympathetic attitude of his ex-wife, and the forced “revelry” of his children in Paris. “I did not see a look of complicity between the two, much less affection, which leads me to deduce that the children have confused reality with desire and that Mario and Patricia have no intention of remarrying,” he pointed out. in ‘It’s not for evil’. Eyre called to see them back to normal. And in these weeks we have not seen them star in any complicit moment with which to settle any suspicion in this regard. Unless they jump into it at their granddaughter Josefina’s wedding.



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