The former president of CB Girona and the territorial delegation of the Catalan Basketball Federation, Enric Ametller, died last morning at the age of 76. Cassà de la Selva’s lawyer was Joaquim Vidal’s replacement for the presidency of CB Girona on August 2, 20o1 at the suggestion of Probàsquet and left office on March 27, 2007, being replaced by Josep Amat who , two years earlier, had taken control of the club through Akasvayu.

“He was a very good person, especially very honest and a great lover of basketball,” recalled yesterday his friend, and also former director of Girona basketball, Jordi Juanhuix on the figure of the lawyer of Cassà de La Selva. At the time of Joaquim Vidal’s departure from the presidency of CB Girona, then Casademont Girona, the shareholders gathered under the umbrella of Probàsquet, a company promoted by the institutions that control the ACB license, went to look for Enric Ametller because put at the head of the Board of Directors of the club. A person of affable and dialogical temperament, Ametller drove the CB Girona ship in difficult times and remained in office for six years. With the entry of Aksasvayu, first as a sponsor and soon taking over all the other plots, Ametller ended up ceding its place to Josep Amat in 2007. A year and a half later, CB Girona announced the his resignation from continuing to compete in the ACB due to financial problems.

In the territorial delegation of the Catalan Basketball Federation, Enric Ametller has been president since 1998, replacing his friend Emili Banchilleria who died last April, and handed over the reins to another Girona basketball historian, Robert Mora, l in 2002. “Enric Ametller was a great manager, the federation valued his ability to resolve conflicts, to find solutions and seek dialogue always taking advantage of his training as a lawyer,” recalled yesterday Xavier Santaló, current president of the territorial delegation of the Catalan Basketball Federation.

Enric Ametlleer’s funeral will be tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 am at the Cassà funeral home.