The latest on the corona crisis – Easier holiday entry to Spain – News

  • 23:06

    Easier entry to Spain without PCR tests

    From Monday, travelers can travel to Spain without the previously mandatory PCR test. An antigen test, proof of a complete vaccination or recovery from a corona disease is sufficient, said the Spanish Ministry of Health. Health Minister Carolina Darias justified this with the “successful” vaccination campaign.

    Of the 47 million Spaniards, 10 million have been fully vaccinated so far, as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Twitter. 19 million people had received at least one corona vaccination and the number of infections had fallen sharply.

    Only those who enter Spain from a risk area must have either a negative PCR or an antigen test that must not be older than 48 hours. Children under the age of six do not need a test. Those who have recovered from Corona and who have been completely vaccinated 14 days after the last vaccination are exempt from the test obligation. Registration in the online portal Spain Travel Health, Link opens in a new window but is still necessary.

    Pedro Sánchez’s joy over 10 million people vaccinated

  • 22:02

    Mobile teams in Thurgau vaccinate in companies

    In the canton of Thurgau, more than a third of the population has already been vaccinated. In addition, companies can now organize a vaccination campaign and order a mobile vaccination team for this. 40 companies are participating, 4,000 vaccinations are planned. “Schweiz aktuell” accompanied a team in Arbon.

  • 21:29

    Mass tests despite a high vaccination rate?

    For a week, the home office requirement has only been an official recommendation. However, only for companies that offer their employees mass tests. But how useful is it to organize these mass tests now when more and more people are vaccinated? The “Tagesschau” asked around at a company and a cantonal administration.

  • 20:26

    Data protectionists satisfied with Covid certificate

    The federal data protection agency is satisfied with the planned federal Covid certificate. The core concerns of data protection supervision would be met. The fact that the certificates are also used in paper form counteracts the fact that the population is actually required to wear a smartphone, according to a press release.

    In addition to the EU-compatible QR code for cross-border traffic, a second, data-saving QR code for domestic use was suggested by the data protection officer. Whoever uses this second code prevents unauthorized persons from using unauthorized software when reading his certificate, for which reason it is displayed as valid or invalid. Access controllers at a major event would not need to know whether the holders of the certificates requested entry as a result of a vaccination, convalescence or a test.

    The data protection officer regrets that the data-saving QR code can only be made available to the population in a second phase. He will work to ensure that these transitional regulations are as short as possible

  • 20:15

    Canton of Vaud approves two test events

    The canton of Vaud has approved two test events on the occasion of the relaxation of the Corona measures: the Vivace choir will perform in the cathedral of Lausanne on June 17 and 18, and the “Vallée de Joux Triathlon” will be held on June 27.

    After the events, an evaluation will be sent to the cantonal and federal authorities, said Jean-Christophe Sauterel, spokesman for the cantonal command staff, to the Keystone-SDA news agency and confirmed a report in the newspaper “24heures”.

    A test event is also on the program in Geneva over the next few days: the French-speaking Switzerland orchestra will play next Wednesday and Thursday in the Victoria Hall in Geneva.

  • 19:13

    2701 reports of side effects of vaccinations

    In Switzerland, a total of 2701 reports of suspected undesirable side effects of corona vaccines had been recorded by June 2. In most cases – out of 1751 reports – it was not a serious reaction.

    In 950 cases (35.2 percent), the reaction was classified as serious, according to the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic. However, according to Swissmedic, the reports of adverse effects that have been received and analyzed so far do not change the “positive benefit-risk profile” of the Covid-19 vaccines.

    Most of the reports mentioned several reactions at the same time – there were therefore a total of 7065 reactions (in the 2701 reports). Women were affected more often than men. In addition, the side effects occurred more frequently after vaccination with the active ingredient from Moderna (56.9 percent) than after vaccination with Pfizer / Biontech.

  • 18:27

    Maduro attacks USA for distributing vaccines

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has attacked the US for not donating vaccine to Venezuela. “You have a hatred of us, low, miserable feelings,” said the authoritarian ruling Maduro in a video published on Thursday evening (local time). Addressing the US Ambassador to Caracas, he added: “James Story, you are pathetic, you hate and despise Venezuela because we are rebels.”

  • 17:41

    Putin clears Sputnik V for vaccination tourism

    Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has released the corona vaccine Sputnik V, developed in his country, for vaccination tourists from abroad against payment. Foreigners have already had themselves vaccinated, but he has instructed the government to make the procedure official and allow visitors to Russia to be vaccinated, Putin said at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg. In July vaccination tourism in Russia should officially start. The demand from abroad is high, said Putin.

  • 17:00

    When parent and child disagree

    As of today, children and young people in Switzerland can also be vaccinated against corona. The Swiss drug approval authority Swissmedic has approved the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine for children aged 12 and over. But what happens when parents want their children to be vaccinated, but the children refuse to do so? Read more about this in our explanatory article.

  • 16:24

    Everything you need to know about the Covid certificate

    The first Covid certificates are to be issued from next Monday. At the media conference, the Federal Council announced that it had passed a corresponding ordinance today. The certificate should be available to vaccinated, convalescent and tested people throughout Switzerland by the end of June at the latest. What are the details like? Answers in our overview article.

  • 15:30

    Pfizer / Biontech’s Covid-19 vaccine released for adolescents in Switzerland

    Swissmedic carefully examined the application submitted by Pfizer on May 7, 2021 for the extension of the indication and can expand the temporary approval of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech for the prevention of the coronavirus for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15, according to the authority gives.

    The results of the ongoing study on young people had been submitted and assessed. The vaccine has to be given twice, as it is in people over the age of 16. In the age group examined, the vaccine showed an effectiveness of around 100 percent in the clinical study.

  • 15:18

    Germany deletes several Swiss cantons from the risk list

    Anyone who has planned holidays in Germany can be happy – at least if they come from the right canton: the German government is removing several Swiss cantons from the risk list, Link opens in a new window. Aargau, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, Graubünden, Solothurn, Ticino, Zug and Zurich are no longer considered risk areas from Sunday. However, the remaining Swiss cantons remain on the list.

    The entry restrictions are also being relaxed for Italy, the Czech Republic and large parts of Austria. Anyone coming to Germany from these areas by land will no longer have to observe any entry restrictions due to Corona in the future. Only air passengers have to show a negative test upon entry. Countries or areas with a 7-day incidence of over 50 are considered risk areas.

  • 14:50

    As a pilot canton, Bern will issue the first Covid certificates from Monday

    As a selected canton, Bern will issue its first vaccination certificates on a trial basis from next week. Anyone who has given their consent to this certificate in the vaccination application will receive an SMS with a link to this document after the second vaccination – a QR code is saved electronically and can be printed out. 83 percent of the registered people have given this consent, as reported by the canton of Bern.

  • 14:48

    Media conference ended

    The media conference is over. You can find out all other developments relating to the vaccination certificate and the coronavirus around the clock on, the SRF news app and here in the live ticker.

  • 14:44

    Certain cantons go on vacation earlier

    You will most likely be ready with the certificates before the EU. “In the two cantons in which the summer holidays start earlier, you may still have to make do with tests temporarily,” says Lindemann. That is why it is best to stay at home, said Finance Minister Ueli Maurer.

  • 14:44

    How do you get a certificate specifically?

    A federal expert says the vaccinated will be contacted by their cantons when the certificates are ready.

  • 14:34

    Certificate can be extended

    What comes after the 180 days? This is what a journalist would like to know. “The duration of the certificates can be extended without having to create a new one.”

  • 14:33

    What are the advantages of the app over the vaccination booklet?

    With the app and the QR code, the validity is easier and better to check than with the vaccination booklet, and the certificate can be more easily developed. But there is no difference in rights whether someone has the paper version of the certificate or the app, say the authorities.

  • 14:27

    Maurer sees no problems with the recognition by the EU

    A journalist wants to know that it can be ruled out that there will be problems with the recognition of the certificates by the EU because of the termination of the framework agreement. Ueli Maurer cannot imagine that. “It’s a vaccination card. The EU also recognizes our passports. “

  • 14:25

    Maurer: “I have now received the second dose of vaccination, if that calms you down”

    Federal Councilor Maurer is asked that a few months ago he said that he only needed one dose of vaccine. Does the creation of the certificate change anything about his attitude? “I have the second dose now, if that calms you down,” said Maurer to the journalist.