Details of the tragic accident with Ruslan Zakharov became known

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In Khabarovsk, a young promising speed skater Ruslan Zakharov died in a tragic accident. In recent years, he lived in St. Petersburg, and came to Khabarovsk to visit his relatives. This trip, which everyone was waiting for – both Ruslan and his family, turned out to be fatal.

By the age of 23, Ruslan Zakharov was a prize-winner of the junior world championship, the winner of the junior speed skating World Cup, and was also a multiple winner of the Russian championship.

Ruslan Zakharov was 23 years old

Ruslan Zakharov was 23 years old

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The tragedy took place on October 10 at 06:10 am local time on Karl Marx Street. The athlete, who at that moment was on the edge of the road, was hit by a Toyota Dyna truck.

– He was jogging, – explained “KP” – Khabarovsk ” speed skating coach of the Khabarovsk sports school “Maximum” Evgeny Pankratovwhat Ruslan Zakharov did at such an early hour on the road.


Ruslan Zakharov was hospitalized from the scene of the accident. He had multiple head injuries, brain contusion, and chest contusion.

Initially, Ruslan was listed as unidentified. But later, relatives found him in the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors failed to save the life of a promising athlete. The guy died in the neurosurgical department of the hospital on the same day. Ruslan never regained consciousness.

Ruslan went in for speed skating and hockey

Ruslan went in for speed skating and hockey

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– At first he was fond of hockey, and then he came to our school of the Olympic reserve. At the same time he was engaged in hockey and speed skating. And then he began to show certain results. His father always supported him in sports, and soon they left for St. Petersburg, where Ruslan worked with our coach Sergei Liteikin. First he studied there, and then he was taken to the national team. There was already a world junior champion. He is only 23 years old. God! It’s like a blow. The guy is hefty, over two meters, – complained in a conversation with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” coach Evgeny Pankratov.


– The young man ran straight along the road, in the same direction. Provided that there was a sidewalk next to the carriageway, – told “KP” in the propaganda department of the traffic police UGIDD UVMD in the Khabarovsk Territory.

A 26-year-old driver was at the wheel of the Toyota Dyna. As told in the traffic police, at the time of the accident he was sober and did not exceed the speed.

How did it happen that a fatal accident happened on a relatively simple site? Yes, Ruslan was on the road, but he did not run across it, nothing limited his visibility, and the driver was sober and did not drive fast. True, the driver did not have a category “C” driver’s license, and in 2021 he violated traffic rules four times – but by and large, these are not factors that can directly affect what happened.

To understand how the tragic accident happened, the correspondent of “KP” – Khabarovsk “went to the scene of the tragedy. Ruslan was shot down in front of house 168 on Karl Marx Street. There is quite a lot of traffic in this place.

To get onto the carriageway, you need to cross a lawn several meters wide. There is indeed a sidewalk along the road. What caused the athlete to neglect him and run along the road is unclear. Perhaps the investigation will be able to figure it out.

The traffic police told the version of the 26-year-old truck driver, which he voiced during interrogation.

– The driver said that he did not notice the pedestrian due to the fact that the road was wet, and the street lights were not on yet, – the traffic police said.

Perhaps this is what caused the accident, three fatal circumstances coincided:

– On October 10 in Khabarovsk it was really raining from early morning, and the sky was cloudy;

– The driver pointed out the lack of lighting;

– There were no reflective elements on Ruslan’s clothes.

The State Traffic Inspectorate clarified that the driver of Toyota Dyna faces liability under Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Violation of traffic rules, resulting in the death of a person by negligence.” But while a criminal case has not been opened, a check is underway.


Judging by the publications on social networks, the skater returned to his hometown in the summer.

– I try myself in the profession of a florist, I received an invaluable master class from my mother on working with pots and logistics of related products, – wrote Ruslan on his Instagram page on August 12.

Ruslan Zakharov with his father

Ruslan Zakharov with his father

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Among other hobbies, the athlete truly loved horses.

– This is true love, and you can not argue. This is love at first sight and touch. I have never met such intelligent animals, horses for me, in some sense, seemed more pleasant than many people I knew. Riding a horse is like being with your best friend. If he believes you, he will go with you in any direction, at any speed and along any route. Of course, you are the leader here, but only because you have the reins, so you lead him. Do you think people are the same? – Ruslan Zakharov wrote on his page.

When and where the funeral of the deceased athlete will take place is still unknown. The editorial board of Komsomolskaya Pravda expresses its condolences in connection with the tragic death of Ruslan Zakharov.

The athlete really liked horses

The athlete really liked horses

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