The latest launch from Infinix with great features INFINIX NOTE 11 PRO

Many leaks revealed about the approaching date of launching a new phone from the giant company Infinix, which is one of the pioneers of smart phone companies in the world, and the new phone is the eleventh series of the NOTE family, and it is the most powerful series of Infinix, and its prices are not competitive, and they are Characterized by high quality in design, elegance and features, Infinix always offers us the best of what it has, and the latest version of the Infinix series of phones is the Infinix NOTE 11 PRO.

Features of the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro

Expectations about the new phone came to be larger than the rest of the phones released by Infinix at all, and it was also equipped with the Helio G96 super processor, and it features large-size screens up to 6.95 with a 120Hz streamline, and the phone contains 3 rear cameras and a high-quality front camera It also contains a group of Monster games released by Infinix, and this group includes many of the best features for all electronic games, and the phone is designed to be compatible with all users and has many functions.

Infinix phone features and specifications
Infinix phone features and specifications

The most important specifications of the Infinix Note11 Pro

The specifications of the new phone came as follows:

  • Screen Features: The phone screen was supported by AMOLED, which is of high quality and benefit and cannot be compared to any phone of the same category, because the screen size reached 6.7 inches with a full HD resolution, and the peak brightness of the screen reaches 650 nits, providing Clear vision in daylight.
  • Extended RAM The phone will come with a random memory of up to 11 GB, a modern operating system for Android which is XOS 11, and a storage memory of 128 GB and may reach 2 TB.
  • Battery Features: The phone battery is huge and lives for a longer time, allowing downloading the largest number of applications.
  • Super cooling system for the phone: The company decided to add a protective cooling feature to the phone, so that the phone becomes comfortable for users, especially gamers for long periods.


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