1. The latest developments in the renewal of Ashraf bin Sharqi’s contract in Zamalek, and what are the offers made to him from outside Zamalek – Kora in Al-Ardahin the keel
  2. 25 days password in the renewal of Ben Sharqi for Zamalekthe seventh day
  3. “Al-Bashayer” is unique in the details of renewing Bin Sharqi’s contract with ZamalekAl-Bashir
  4. A “high-caliber surprise” is a great development regarding Bin Sharqi’s departure from Zamalek – football in the crossbarin the keel
  5. The penalty clause and the $3 million… A Moroccan report announces the details of Bin Sharqi’s new contract with a Gulf giant!kora11
  6. View full coverage of the news on Google News

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