One of ten innocent victims who died on August 29th.

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On August 26th, all hell broke out at the airport in Kabul. Assassins from the terrorist organization “IS-Khorasan” killed 13 US soldiers and 170 other people. In the days that followed, the risk of further terrorist attacks was great. On August 29, it initially seemed as if the US had just managed to prevent another attack with a drone attack.

US Chief of Staff Mark Milley spoke of a “just blow” against “IS-Khorasan” members who had carried explosive material with them.

But the US military’s version quickly began to crack. Journalists in Kabul were able to speak to the victims’ relatives the day after the attack. It became clear that the USA was killing several civilians with a drone equipped with a “Hellfire missile”. The Pentagon subsequently confirmed that the drone attack was being investigated. The US military has not commented on this since then.

A Hellfire missile destroyed this car in Kabul on August 29th.

A Hellfire missile destroyed this car in Kabul on August 29th.

Image: keystone

The Washington Post and the New York Times have now anticipated the Pentagon and, through careful research, have shown that the last US drone attack in Afghanistan was probably hit the wrong target.

These are the victims

The driver of the vehicle hit was Zemari Ahmadi, who had worked for the Californian organization “Nutrition and Education International”. The drone attack not only killed him, but also other family members of the 43-year-old. According to the New York Times, three adults and seven children were killed. Matthieu Aikins, a journalist for the New York Times, published details about the victims on Twitter:

That was revealed during the research

The New York Times was able to reconstruct Ahmadi’s last day by means of numerous video recordings and conversations. What the US military classified as “suspicious” was in fact a normal working day for the 43-year-old.

Accordingly, Ahmadi drove colleagues to various places in Kabul and dumped them there. In his office, Ahmadi also filled canisters with water that he wanted to take home because the water supply there had collapsed. The US military mistakenly suspected that there was explosives in the canisters.

«We have nothing to do with terrorism or IS. We love america. We want to go there », the head of Ahmadi told the newspaper. In fact, as an employee of a US organization, Ahmadi had applied for admission to the USA.

But as is well known, nothing came of it. When he drove his car into the yard of his house, he was greeted by the children who got into his car or ran with him. At that moment, the American “Reaper drone” appeared and ended the lives of Ahmadi and nine other people with a “Hellfire missile”.

The “Washington Post” came to the conclusion in its research that the impact of the “Hellfire rocket” probably did not cause any further explosives to explode. The US military claimed that the large explosion testified that there were explosives in Ahmadi’s car.

However, several experts told the Washington Post that the explosion, which can be seen on videos, was consistent with the impact of a “Hellfire missile”. At most, it is possible that the tank in Ahmadi’s car triggered a minor, second shock.

In the last air strike of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, the US must have hit the wrong people. So far, the Pentagon has not commented on the research by the two newspapers. However, it is not the first time that numerous civilians have been killed in a US drone attack. In 2008, 47 people were killed while traveling to a wedding in Afghanistan. 39 women and children were among the victims. (cma)

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