Finding a better future was the dream of Pujan Koirala, a 22 year old boy who died a week ago in an accident while pedaling at full speed to deliver the order of Glovo. The bike hit a garbage truck and the dream ended suddenly. El Pujan had been doing just a week rider.

Tens of thousands of Nepalese workers have migrated in recent years to Qatar, where they work in precarious conditions in the construction of World Cup stadiums, with thousands of deaths each year due to weather conditions and lack of security. Many others look for an opportunity in Australia or Europe, yearning for a fact that allows them to send money to the family and get the papers to stay.

This is the case of Pujan, who had arrived in Barcelona in November. A year earlier he had left his country looking for a better future. Through a acquaintance he settled in Nordhausen, a small city in the center of Germany, and three months later he went to Berlin to work in a restaurant. He had entered Germanic land with a student visa, but after one year, when he had finished the permit, he had to leave Germany. He explains in Manooz, a childhood friend who lived in the Central European country. The new destiny was Barcelona. He contacted Kabita, a Nepalese girl living in Catalonia, and settled with her and other Nepali colleagues in a flat on Rosselló street, very close to the Sagrada Familia. "We are a family, not like you, the Europeans," she explains tears to her eyes, remembering the young man she lived with for more than half a year.

From the restaurant to the bicycle

With just four words in Spanish, the Pujan began to earn a living in a small restaurant. He did not have any papers or permits to work, and he was astonished by catching clients through the streets of Barcelona with the restaurant's letter in his hand. Until two weeks ago. Only a week before the fateful accident at the confluence of Gran Via with Balmes began to make deliveries for Glovo. The bicycle with which he had made so many miles in Nepal now served him to try to earn a salary in a Barcelona that he was just starting to get to know. Because the company's platform could not be discharged – it did not have any papers – it relieved the account of another dealer. A common practice that Glovo tries to eradicate.

"If one thing I know for sure is that Pujan was there to help her family," explains one of her childhood friends, Kailash. Like so many others who flee from their country to look for a better future, Pujan sent money at home to help the family. 15 years ago, when he was just a child, he lost his father. This forced him to work from a very young age, to find a way to earn a living to help his mother and two sisters. The same thing he tried with 22 years from Barcelona. Of the 3 or 4 euros that were taken from each trip with the bicycle sharing food, a part kept it to send it home.

He grew up in a very humble family, according to the Roshan, one of the childhood friends who also emigrated from Nepal looking for opportunities. Now he lives in Sydney, where he tries to reconstruct what happened to his friend on Saturday. Just three days before the accident he had spoken with Pujan. They made a video call to catch up and remember the old days. Like when they were small, the Pujan made more than 200 kilometers in bicycle so that both could spend a few days together.

Her family moved to a small central district of Kathmandu a few years ago, after losing her father. There they continued with the help that Pujan contributed to when he finished school and, in the last two years, the money he could send from Europe. The accident has truncated everything. The husband of one of the sisters is the one who was managing the repatriation of the body, although from Barcelona he insisted that it would be better – because it is much cheaper – to incinerate it here and send the ashes to his country. Yesterday, if there were no last minute changes, the decision was to incinerate the body.

The insurance takes over

The Nepalese community (about 5,000 citizens in Catalonia according to the consulate) is collecting money to help the family, while Glovo, despite the fact that Pujan was not registered in its platform, will pay the 20,000 euros that cover the insurance.

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