“The last time I did a series, they sucked me because I was sick”: Natalia Durán, about her illness

the followers of Natalia Duran They were surprised when, through her Instagram account, the actress revealed that she suffered from thyroid cancer, for which she has gone through a hard recovery process from each of the interventions to which she has been subjected to battle with her illness.

In an interview with the gossip program ‘La Red’ on Saturday, April 16, the artist recounted what it has been like to carry out this process since she found out that she suffered from the fearsome disease and that, in addition to thyroid cancer, she also suffers from Asia Syndrome.

“When the body begins to decay and decay, the thoughts are according to that… I begin to lose many faculties and among those my memory, very strong, it is still difficult for me to speak fluently to find the words that are and the scripts each day cost me more”, revealed Natalia Durán for the program ‘La Red’.

And he added: “I started losing jobs… The last time I did a series, they obviously sucked me because I was sick throughout the series.from ‘A corazón abierta’ I began to get sick”.

She revealed that at the beginning when she began to feel the first ailments, she was hospitalized repeatedly, which began with cardiac arrhythmias, syncope, meningitis, infections, among other ailments, which led her to lose several jobs due to the number of times she had to attend the doctor to be able to get the energy and continue with his life.

“…I was exposed to very broad-spectrum antibiotics and the only one was a doctor in the emergency room who, when she saw me, told me that it could be an autoimmune diseasebut well, in the emergency room it is not a deeper follow-up … for that I went to an internist and with them you have this entire investigation process to start ruling out and clarifying everything, ”added the actress for the Caracol Television gossip program.

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Along with the problems of her illness came emotional difficulties as she revealed that more than 10 years ago she began to experience very toxic relationships in which she felt insufficient, so she decided to start reading a book that helped her get rid of those ties that also , were related to the abuse he was a victim of by his father and two cousins.

“It was a father who sexually abused me until I was 3 years old (…) He abused me in every way, violently, sexually, he mistreated my mother in front of me. He abused her too”expressed on March 30 about this man, who has already passed away.

He also added to ‘La Red’: “…the imprints of abuse are very strong, they generate dysmorphia and discomfort in the lack of acceptance of who one is, how one sees oneself and that something is very wrong with your body… it was very strong but this therapy at the same time was very revealing because at the same time you have an answer to many things”.


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