The last place in Pool Promotion is Olbia

The last place in Pool Promotion is Olbia

ROME- The Regular Season of A2 Female has ended, the last round solved the last remaining question. Hermaea Olbia, winning at Orocash Lecco at home, took the last pass for the Pool Promozine leaving Tecnoteam Albese, beaten at home in the fifth set by Bsc Material Sassuolo. Itas Trentino confirms itself as the leader of Group A by going on to win on the field of D&a Esperia Cremona. Instead, Valsabbina Brescia falls on the field of a determined Emilbronzo 2000 Montale. Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio and LPM Bam Mondovì confirmed fourth place on equal points, beating respectively D&a Esperia Cremona, Club Italia and Chromavis Eco Db Offanengo Offanengo away. In Group B Roma opens the champagne for having finished the Regular Season with the twentieth victory in as many games. Tonight Rebora and her companions also overwhelmed Itas Ceccarelli Martignacco. The Omag-Mt San Giovanni In M.No, against Soverato, the CDA Talmassons against 3m Perugia, and the Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio against Assitec Sant’Elia, La Seap-Sigel Marsala closed this stage with success. beat Anthea Vicenza. Tomorrow, Monday 6 March, the calendars for the second phase will be made official, which will already start from the weekend of 11-12 March. GROUP A- Itas Trentino makes no concessions and prevails in three sets at PalaRadi against a D&A Esperia Cremona that is never tamed and eager to do well until the end. The first two sets demonstrate all the qualities of the teams in the field, Cremona is determined and concrete in reception and defense, Trentino able to know how to suffer and restart after the difficulty. In the third set Trento shows greater strength and closes the match with character. Asia Bonelli, author of 6 points (5 aces!) sends DeHoog (MVP with 13 points on the scoresheet, 40% in attack), Moretto and Michieletto with 11 points in double figures. For Cremona, in double figures Rossini with 12 points and Piovesan with 10. The duel between free throws is also beautiful, with Zampedri who records 72% in reception and Parlangeli who replies with 50%, without errors. Sofia Ferrarini’s words: « I’m very happy with the team’s performance, on the other hand we had a really strong team, with great heights and big names. We did well to enter very concentrated, we tried until the end and the results are on our side. It’s a shame it ended like this but I’m happy with the team’s performance. I hope the team does well and gives its all in the last part of the season as well ». So instead Francesca Parlangeli: « It’s a 3-0 that hides the first two sets, very fought, with Cremona who put us in difficulty with the block-defence. We were good at staying focused, also because we’re coming from a game we started 2-0 down and it was also important in anticipation of the second phase. I think our group was a bloodbath, so now comes the best part of the season. They will be matches whose schedule we still don’t know, but each match will be worth three fundamental points for the playoffs ». On Tai Aguero’s 46th birthday, Emilbronzo 2000 Montale gave her the most beautiful gift, beating Valsabbina Millenium Brescia 3-0. An extraordinary performance offered by the nerofuchsia, capable of overcoming one of the best teams in the group in terms of play, which came from a string of five consecutive victories, but today ran into the classic bad day. For Montale it is the best way to enter the Salvation Pool, for the yellow and blacks it is a misstep to be treasured in the continuation of the season. The nerofuchsia started the match with the right gear, trimming a 7-0 run in Brescia, managing to close the run with an incredible and unexpected 25-11. In the second set, Brescia tries to shake up with Torcolacci entering the field, but Montale’s serve continues to hurt Boldini and his teammates, who suffer the 2-0 with a score of 25-20. The third set starts once again with an important break from Montale, thanks to an excellent serve and a block of nerofucsia. Brescia, however, wants to reopen the match and, thanks to some mistakes by Zojzi, shortens the distance and brings the match back into balance. The break comes with two consecutive hands out by Pamio which are worth overtaking by Valsabbina, 21-22. From here on, Frangipane’s show begins, who first blocks Obossa, then signs the overtaking with a magic, 23-22, and then definitively closes the match with another impossible attack from place 4, 26-24. The spiker, who finished the match with 19 points, including 1 ace and 3 blocks, declared: « It was a wonderful victory. This has been a tough championship, in which we have always been committed. Today’s result is the result of this commitment, because although the results have not arrived, we have always given all of ourselves. The match? Brescia is a very high level team, and today they had a bad day. It’s not easy to come and play in this arena, especially if you’re used to playing in a bigger one. The Salvation Pool? We needed a morale win. Now a new championship begins, in which we have to give results. We have a mad desire to save ourselves ». Disappointed coach Alessandro Beltrami: « Almost nothing went well in our half today. First of all, however, I would like to congratulate Montale: he played an important game both in serve and in attack, but also a lot of defense. We, on the other hand, got too nervous. I’m usually more lively, but today I tried to stay calm, because I’ve seen girls get angry when things are wrong. We need to find solutions faster. In the end I believed it a bit, but we were naïve and nervous. I hope it will be a lesson in view of the second phase, because every now and then we see our young age ». Sporting revenge for LPM BAM Mondovì, which closes the regular season with a clear 3-0 at PalaCoim in Offanengo to the detriment of Chromavis Eco DB, which in turn won in December at PalaManera. Solforati’s team, directed by Giroldi, dominated the scene, closing the accounts in one hour and 14 minutes with three clear affirmations in the partials. Monregalese’s dominance took shape above all in blocking (12 blocks to 3) and in attack, where the gap was felt. MVP of the match, the central Chiara Riparbelli, author of 12 points and a sumptuous 90% positivity in attack as well as 3 blocks. Top scorer, Laura Grigolo (16 points), in double figures together with Clara Decortes (12). For Offanengo, 11 points for Giulia Bartesaghi. Comments on the defeat Fabio Collina, Chromavis assistant coach: « We knew how they wanted to redeem themselves from the first leg; compared to the first part of the championship, they found Populini again and today they probably delivered one of their best performances. We weren’t able to withstand the impact, in attack we were not very incisive and we took refuge in conservative situations, while Mondovì has always kept the same pace ». These are the words of MVP Chiara Riparbelli: « There was a desire for redemption compared to the first leg, where Offanengo had played very well while we hardly entered the field. We come from a very intense period, but we were very good at staying focused throughout the meeting, that was what our staff asked of us. In other matches we had had a drop in the third set which had reopened the scenarios dangerously, also because if you let your opponents play they can hurt. Chromavis Eco DB defended a lot, we were good at not giving up and also varying our attack shots, as well as limiting their offensive potential ». A good choral performance, both in terms of approaching the match and technically, is not enough for Club Italia to close the regular season with a victory. This afternoon at the Pavesi Center in Milan, the blues were overtaken 1-3 by Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio at the end of a hard-fought match. Excellent start to the match for Giuliani and her companions who immediately managed to impose their game and keep up the pace of the set which Club Italia easily conquered. In the following fractions, the Azzurrine paid a little for their inexperience despite showing good team play as demonstrated by the comeback (14-20, 19-20) scored in the last set played. Best scorer of the evening the opposite of Busto Arsizio Elisa Zanette author of 22 (1 ace, 1 block, 57% in attack). Two blue girls who closed the match in double figures: the opposite Virginia Adriano (13 points, 3 blocks) and the central Aurora Micheletti (10 points, 1 ace, 2 blocks, 70% in attack). Michele Fanni’s words: « Compared to last Sunday against Brescia, today we are even closer to the result. It’s a pity because in any case no one, especially us, likes to lose, however, if you think about it, it’s a result that fits us and it fits us also in terms of how it matured. We were good for long stretches, and throughout the first set, at masking this difference and showing off all our qualities, perhaps even managing to surprise our opponents. Then we dropped off a bit, they managed to take the measurements, but with a few adjustments we found the crux of the matter again. I hope it is a maturation that has taken place in us and that leads us to believe in it until the end ». So instead Gaia Badalamenti for the guests: « We knew that coming to play here at Pavesi wouldn’t be easy, we also saw it with the teams before us and almost all of them left us at least one set. Here at home they pull really hard on serve, the first set we started too tight and inevitably we paid off. We managed to grow over the course of the match and find confidence in all departments and we also grew in batting. I’m happy because compared to other times, in times of difficulty we may have let ourselves go a bit, but today we were united on every ball and in the end we brought home these three fundamental points ». Disappointment and bitterness. Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como, after an impeccable performance in front of a wonderful audience, has to surrender to Bsc Material Sassuolo and says goodbye to direct salvation and Pool Promotion, surpassed in the photo finish by Olbia. A pity after an intense fight, almost two and a half hours of battle. Albese stood up to the listed opponents from the first set. He lost the first to the advantages, he won the second well and he always lost to the advantages (with identical 25-27) the third. At that point, with Olbia victorious in Lecco for 0-3, the dream of the girls from Albese shattered against mathematics: nothing to do to stay directly in A2 without going through the safety pool. But despite this, Veneriano and her teammates returned to the field motivated in the fourth set: driven by the experience of Cassemiro and the points of Veneriano, Nardo and Conti, the Tecnoteam girls reopened the match with a big heart, giving themselves the tie-break. Where Sassuolo extended immediately, but then suffered the return of Albese. Exciting head-to-head until the final 11-15. Two points to the opponents, one for Tecnoteam which left the pitch with a long applause from its fans, never so numerous. MVP of the match Aurora Pistolesi, with a sumptuous 32-point performance, while the best among the girls in the yellow jersey is Nardo, with 28 points. The comment of Tecnoteam president Graziano Crimella at the end of the match: « It’s a real shame, I’m sorry to go to the pool with 28 points scored. I say thanks to the team and staff: excellent match against a strong team. Our fans are wonderful, truly an extra man on the pitch. Let’s start from here even if the bitterness remains for having scored 28 points and not being in the other group ». A Sunday that will long remember Volley Hermaea Olbia: thanks to the 0-3 at home at Orocash Picco Lecco and the simultaneous defeat of Albese, the sardines take sixth place in Group A, which guarantees safety and access to Promotion pool. A bitter Sunday afternoon instead for the girls coached by coach Gianfranco Milano, who will be involved in the Salvation Pool as early as next week. The match begins with balance, the Lecco players start well and all the balls are played (12-11). The red and whites are often ahead, but Olbia follows closely until mid-set, when he tries to stretch and goes away. Set ends 20-25. The second set is always balanced in the initial stages, while in the middle the sardines are a take over (13-15). After a negative run (16-19), Picco does not come back and the set closes 22-25. The third set is in line with the previous ones with Lecco starting well and then suffering from the opponents (12-17). Olbia accelerates and controls. The sardines close set and match with a score of 16-25. Top scorer of the match Bulaich Simian and Bracchi, both at 14 points on the two different sides of the field. Gianfranco Milano’s comment: « Today our second phase began for us, namely the pool of salvation. We needed more aggression and conviction. We have rarely managed to put them in difficulty. We will prepare ourselves for this long term, we will face Messina at home, then there will be Vicenza. We will need a lot of attention and reconcile us with the game, this evening Olbia was able to neutralize us in some of our usually established fundamentals ». Happy coach Dino Guadalupi: « From the outside you never know what’s behind certain results, the Pool Promozione was our goal, but it was really very tough because there were so many teams in contention. We got to play it on the last day, and the girls were very good in their approach. I’m happy for the club, this milestone is really very important. Our sacrifices have paid off, because we’ve had so many difficult moments this year, but we’ve always gotten back up very well. Today we are enjoying the party, starting tomorrow we will start thinking about the Poule Promozione ». GROUP B – Ipag S.lle Ramonda Montecchio beats Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia at Palaferroli and closes the Regular Season in style, in fourth position with 42 points, never reached in A2. The home team goes down by a set, but then gets back on track bringing home the 3-1 victory. In the first fraction substantial balance, but the chatelaines make a lot of mistakes in serving and allow the opponents to take the lead on 11-13. In the final, other errors in the service and attack of the landlords give the set to Sant’Elia. In the second set the music changes and Montecchio signs a break with a diagonal from Mazzon and two aces signed by Angelina and Brandi, which directs the match to 1-1. In the third set Botarelli calls his teammates to the rescue, but Mazzon and Angelina warm up their engines and bring the team ahead by six points, also signing an ace each, for the 2-1 in the match. In the fourth set, Lazio try again, but Castellana extends and seals the match 3-1. Coach Marco Sinibaldi speaks for Montecchio: « In the first set we made the beauty of twelve mistakes, especially on serve, and we carried them with us until the end of the set. From the second set we played a good game, doing well especially in the side out. I’m happy with the bench, who played a little more tonight, thanks to the work we’ve done since the start of the season. Malvicini and Brandi played today, then we also gave space to Nardelli, Esposito, Cometti and Muraro. We close this group with many points, compared to what we had estimated. Now the promotion pool awaits us, where the technical level will rise a lot, where it will be important to still have strength and raise the bar of quality play » For Sant’Elia here is Martina Ghezzi: « We started well in the first set. Our opponents were a bit subdued and we took advantage of that. But then they took measures and we went into more difficulty, also thanks to very strong forwards like Angelina who are difficult to contain. We are also a little bit overwhelmed due to some injuries, but apart from the third set, our performance was good and we are satisfied. It was a very complicated regular season for us: we started with a series of defeats, in my opinion the team we were was unfair. Then we recovered a bit against the lower-ranked teams and now we’re trying to fight for safety ». Rome says twenty. Roma Volley Club closes the last match of the regular season with a clear victory against Itas Ceccarelli Martignacco, bringing the winning streak to 20 consecutive hits from three points in the league, 23 counting all competitions. In front of a packed Palazzetto dello Sport in Guidonia Montecelio, the yellow and reds once again dictate the hierarchies on the pitch, demonstrating a conscious game of a very high technical rate despite the tenacious reaction of the guests: Bechis and teammates are good at containing the pressure of the opponents in the first set and, after a second point by point, to impose himself also in the last one thanks to an aggressive game starting from the excellent block-defence correlation. Just the last fraction inflames the spectators, who explode in the stands to the final point in favor of Rome. The Capitoline team was driven by a superb Rebora, named MVP and author of 10 points, supported in attack by her colleague Ciarrocchi (11), by the double digits of Melli and Bici (13 and 10 points) and by the excellent defensive performance of Ferrara . On the opposite side, the double figure of Wiblin (12 points) should be noted. These are the words of MVP Rebora: « We suffered a bit unlike the other games. We suffered from the aggression that Martignacco gave us, on the other hand they needed points for the promotion pool classification and they put everything on the field to succeed in the attempt. We did well despite the difficulties and recovered as always. So it was a good victory. Twenty out of twenty it’s strange to hear it, but it’s a good thing and we’re going straight to the promotion pool. We are ready and we can’t wait ». So instead coach Gazzotti: « We have a team of very young people, we had the aim of reaching safety in the shortest possible time, to get there we had to win as many matches as possible. Games like this are a reason to play serenely, not to feel pressure in not having to make mistakes and take risks in situations that anxiety could lead us to in other moments. Happy with our journey ». Omag-MT San Giovanni in also wins the last match of the regular season, winning 3-0 against Volley Soverato and maintaining second place. A high-level choral test for coach Barbolini’s team, enriched by the offensive performances of Bolzonetti (18 points, of which 8 with 60% in the first set) and defensive performances of Caforio. The well-deserved title of MVP of the match went to an effective 8-point Sveva Parini (3 blocks). However honor to Soverato who fought until the end, putting the Marignanesi in difficulty at times, especially with the usual Korhonen (14), Schwan (10) and Giugovaz (10). The match saw the Romagna dominate the first set (25-12), before the return of the Calabrians, who proved that they hadn’t reached the Promotion Pool by chance. The good ending of the second set, closed 25-22 with a final comeback by coach Chiappini’s girls, anticipated the battle of the third set, which lasted until 29-27. The words of MVP Sveva Parini: « We knew it wouldn’t be an easy match because Soverato came to us with the desire to redeem the result we had disputed with them. We’ve managed to stay in the game almost always, maybe in some moments we’ve dropped a bit and we should work on this. In this new phase we can’t afford it given the rosters we’re going to face. But the important thing was to win and bring home these three points. So we are very happy ». So instead Luca Chiappini: « We played our game very aggressively in serve and in defence, perhaps we lacked a few players in attack. But the credit probably goes to San Giovanni who was able to interpret an excellent match from a tactical point of view. I think we had an excellent season this year also because it wasn’t easy at the start, but slowly we found regularity both in the game and in managing mistakes, which was perhaps one of our strengths. I am very satisfied with the work done ». Seap-Sigel Marsala’s first victory in the second round came just in the last game of the Regular Season, after a whole 2023 without points. At the Palazzetto dello Sport in Marsala, coach Buonavita’s team has the upper hand against Anthea Vicenza Volley, a sextet that overtook the Lilibetana by twelve points before the match for salvation. There really couldn’t have been a better ticket to disconnect on an emotional level to present yourself at the Salvation Pool which starts next Sunday. Today’s match saw a superior Marsala in all fundamentals, extinguishing the resistance of the Venetians in four games. At the end of the match, the blues in double figures are three: Salkute (25), Moneta (23), MVP of the match, and Bulovic (11). With this victory, Buonavita’s young girls rise to twelve points, while Anthea Vicenza, following the defeat in Marsala, in the Salvation Pool presents itself with twenty-one points conquered. Eraldo Buonavita shows up in the mixed zone for Seap-Sigel for a post-match analysis: «During the week I complimented the team group on how they trained. From the signals I’ve had, I imagined that today they would have given it their all. I’m happy with the reaction my young girls had who left a bad period behind them. We had a race behavior that is close to the ideal one, keeping the level of our performance high. In the fourth, we canceled two set points and thanks to our decisive break we avoided taking this match to the tie-break. We needed this victory to raise morale and we are certainly aware that a new championship is starting from today on ». Instead, this is the thought of coach Iosi: « Victories don’t happen by chance, they are daughters of merits that the opponent has taken. Marsala was superior in all fundamentals from attack, reception, serve and counterattack. The numbers and cold analysis have decreed and lead me to say this. Some inaccuracy has been paid dearly. In the fourth and last partial. Weight was given to today’s match, which was important to us, and perhaps these expectations only backfired on us. Today’s evening gives us little back.’ Beautiful public setting in Latisana for the last match of the Regular Season of CDA Talmassons against 3M Pallavolo Perugia. A match that confirmed the difference in values ​​on the pitch, with the Friulian players mastering the game and able to close in three sets in just over an hour. A few too many mistakes at the start for the CDA who goes down even in the first fraction, before overtaking after halfway through the set and going 1-0 with the result 25-22. Second game with Barbieri’s girls who, after a balanced start, score a break with Eze and two blocks by Taborelli and Caneva: the Friulians take off and pass 25 to 17. In the third fraction, the young Trampus remains on the field, taking over and Milana in the previous partial: it is she who scores the first break which directs the match towards the final 3-0. The ’04 class will also be the MVP at the end of the game (7 points), the usual solid performance by Taborelli (14 points, top scorer) and Caneva (11 points with 4 blocks). Giudici and Salinas combine for 24 points for the Perugia side. Satisfied coach Barbieri who talks about the victory achieved in the last match of the Regular Season: « Of course the classification speaks for itself, but it was absolutely not an easy match against a team that came from two good results. I have to say that they didn’t play badly at all, they hit well and put us in difficulty in some moments in attack. We were certainly lucid and cynical and this is also thanks to the bench which allowed us to let the owners breathe a little in view of the promotion pool on Sunday ». Coach Marangi comments on the test carried out by his girls as follows: «It was a good match, especially the first set played openly by both teams. It was also fun for the audience. Then in the second set Talmassons accelerated by putting and showing the values ​​of the championship on the field. In the third we were a little more proactive even with the blocking work and a tight set came out also due to some changes made by coach Barbieri ». THE TABLES- GROUP A- D&A ESPERIA CREMONA – ITAS TRENTINO 0-3 (24-26 23-25 ​​14-25) D&A ESPERIA CREMONA: Mennecozzi 2, Piovesan 10, Landucci 6, Kullerkann 6, Rossini 12, Ferrarini 3, Zampedri (L), Giacomello 2, Coppi. Do not enter: Buffo, Balconati, Kullerkann. Herds Magri. ITAS TRENTINO: Mason 8, Moretto 11, Dehoog 13, Michieletto 11, Fondriest 9, Bonelli 6, Parlangeli (L). Do not enter: Joly, Meli, Libardi (L), Michieletto, Serafini, Bisio. All. Saja. REFEREES: Fontini, Giulietti. NOTES – Set duration: 28′, 27′, 23′; Total: 78′. MVP: Carly Dehoog (Itas Trentino) EMIL BRONZE 2000 MONTALE – VALSABBINA MILLENIUM BRESCIA 3-0 (25-11 25-20 26-24) EMIL BRONZE 2000 MONTALE: Rossi 7, Lancellotti 3, Frangipane 19, Fronza 10, Visintini 13, Zojzi 10 , Bike (L). Do not enter: Bonato, Bonato (L), Bozzoli, Aguero, Mammini, Montagnani. Herd Ghibaudi. VALSABBINA MILLENIUM BRESCIA: Pamio 8, Consoli 5, Boldini 2, Cvetnic 9, Munarini, Obossa 18, Scognamillo (L), Torcolacci 1, Orlandi 1, Foresi 1. Do not enter: Ratti, Blasi (L), Zorzetto. Herds Beltrami. REFEREES: Lakes, Papapietro. NOTES – Set duration: 17′, 26′, 27′; Total: 70′. MVP: Alma Frangipane (Emilbronzo 2000 Montale) CHROMAVIS ECO DB OFFANENGO – LPM BAM MONDOVI’ 0-3 (13-25 16-25 18-25) CHROMAVIS ECO DB OFFANENGO: Nelson 7, Cattaneo 2, Bartesaghi 11, Trevisan 5, Anello 5, Galletti, Porzio (L), Casarotti 2, Tommasini, Pomili. Do not enter: Marchesi, Martinelli, Anello (L), Menegaldo. All. Bolzoni. LPM BAM WORLDWIDE: Grigolo 16, Riparbelli 12, Decortes 12, Populini 7, Pizzolato 7, Giroldi 2, Bisconti (L). Do not enter: Lombards, Takagui, Zech, Colzi, Giubilato (L). All. Sulfurates. REFEREES: Pasciari, Lentini. NOTES – Set duration: 20′, 22′, 24′; Total: 66′. MVP: Chiara Riparbelli (LPM Bam Mondovì) CLUB ITALY – FUTURA YOUNG BUSTO ARSIZIO 1-3 (25-20 21-25 16-25 24-26) CLUB ITALY: Giuliani 9, Micheletti 10, Adriano 13, Esposito 9, Monaco 7 , Beats, Ribechi (L), Viscioni 5, Amoruso 4, Gambini 1, Passaro. Do not enter: Peroni, Modesti, Acciarri (L). Herds Mencarelli. FUTURE YOUNG BUSTO ARSIZIO: Badalamenti 16, Botezat 11, Zanette 22, Arciprete 11, Tonello 11, Balboni 2, Mistretta (L), Fiorio. Do not enter: Morandi (L), Member-meneh, Pandolfi, Milani, Donato Biasi, Venco. All. Amadio. REFEREES: Galteri, Lorenzin. NOTES – Set duration: 22′, 24′, 20′, 25′; Total: 91′. TECNOTEAM ALBESE VOLLEY COMO – BSC MATERIALS SASSUOLO 2-3 (25-27 25-21 25-27 25-19 11-15) TECNOTEAM ALBESE VOLLEY COMO: Cassemiro 10, Veneriano 14, Nicolini 9, Nardo 28, Badini, Conti 17, Rolando (L), Bernasconi 6, Root (L). Do not enter: Gallizioli, Cantaluppi, Pinto, Nicoli, Stroppa. Herd Chiappafreddo. BSC MATERIALS SASSUOLO: Pistolesi 32, Civitico 16, Busolini 15, Vittorini 6, Manfredini 13, Scacchetti 3, Pelloni (L), Bondavalli 2, Martinez Vela, Masciullo. Do not enter: Dhimitriadhi, Rosculet. All. Venco. REFEREES: Mannarino, Giorgianni. NOTES – Set duration: 30′, 28′, 33′, 25′, 16′; Total: 132′. MVP: Aurora Pistolesi (BSC Materials Sassuolo) OROCASH LECCO – VOLLEYBALL HERMAEA OLBIA 0-3 (20-25 22-25 16-25) OROCASH LECCO: Tresoldi 5, Rimoldi, Marmen 2, Piacentini 9, Bracchi 14, Zingaro 5, Bonvicini (L), Albano 3, Lancini 2. Do not enter: Bassi, Rocca, Belloni, Casari (L), Citterio. All. Milan. VOLLEY HERMAEA OLBIA: Miilen 9, Taje ‘ 10, Bridi 7, Bulaich Simian 14, Gannar 8, Schiro ‘ 6, Barbagallo (L), Messages. Do not enter: Bresciani, Diagne, Fontemaggi. Herds Guadalupi. REFEREES: Di Bari, Chiriatti. NOTES – Set duration: 26′, 25′, 23′; Total: 74′. MVP: Daniela Bulaich Simian (Hermaea Olbia) GROUP B- IPAG S.LLE RAMONDA MONTECCHIO – ASSITEC VOLLEYBALL SANT’ELIA 3-1 (22-25 25-17 25-13 25-18) IPAG S.LLE RAMONDA MONTECCHIO: Angelina 19 , Barbazeni 1, Mazzon 16, Tanase 10, Marconato 14, Malvicini 4, Maggipinto (L), Brandi 5, Esposito 2, Nardelli 1, Cometti, Muraro. Do not enter: Bartolucci, Scarabelli (L). All. Sinibaldi. ASSITEC VOLLEYBALL SANT ‘ ELIA: Botarelli 9, Ghezzi 8, Cogliandro 8, Spinello, Costagli 11, Hollas 5, Vittorio (L), Di Mario, Moschettini, Polesello. Do not enter: Giorgetta. All. Gagliardi. REFEREES: Russo, Giglio. NOTES – Set duration: 26′, 23′, 21′, 25′; Total: 95′. MVP: Alice Tanase (Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio) ROME VOLLEYBALL CLUB – ITAS CECCARELLI MARTIGNACCO 3-0 (25-20 25-23 25-17) ROME VOLLEYBALL CLUB: Bechis, Rivero 7, Ciarrocchi 11, Bici 10, Melli 13 , Rebora 10, Ferrara (L), Bianchini 1. Do not enter: Valoppi, Valerio, Rucli, De Luca Bossa. Herds Cuccarini. ITAS CECCARELLI MARTIGNACCO: Modestino 2, Allasia 1, Wiblin 12, Eckl 8, Bole, Cortella 7, Tellone (L), Cabassa 9, Granieri 3, Lazzarin, Guzin. Herds Gazzotti. REFEREES: Authors, Morgillo. NOTES – Set duration: 24′, 28′, 23′; Total: 75′. MVP: Sofia Rebora (Roma Volley) OMAG-MT SAN GIOVANNI IN M.NO – VOLLEY SOVERATO 3-0 (25-12 25-22 29-27) OMAG-MT SAN GIOVANNI IN M.NO: Rachkovska 7, Babatunde 10, Turco 1, Bolzonetti 18, Parini 8, Perovic 12, Caforio (L), Saguatti 2, Salvatori. Do not enter: Covino, Muscara’ (L), Cangini, Aluigi, Biagini. Herds Barbolini. SOVERED VOLLEYBALL: Giugovaz 10, Cecchi 8, Malinov, Schwan 10, Giambanco 4, Korhonen 14, Ferrario (L), Salviato, Barbaro, Cherepova, Zuliani. Do not enter: Tolotti. Herds Chiappini. REFEREES: Adamo, Grossi. NOTES – Set duration: 22′, 24′, 36′; Total: 82′. MVP: Sveva Parini (Omag-Mt San Giovanni In M.No) SEAP-SIGEL MARSALA – ANTHEA VICENZA VOLLEYBALL 3-1 (21-25 25-21 25-17 27-25) SEAP-SIGEL MARSALA: Ghibaudo 4, Bulovic 11 , Frigerio 6, Salkute 25, Moneta 23, Deste 6, Norgini (L), Garofalo 2. Do not enter: Szucs, Guarena. All. Good life. ANTHEA VICENZA VOLLEYBALL: Galazzo 1, Legros 10, Farina 14, Kavalenka 21, Panucci 5, Cheli 4, Formaggio (L), Ottino 3, Ferraro, Munaron, Groff. Do not enter: Martinez Volskis, Digonzelli, Ghirini (L). All. Iosi. REFEREES: Mazzara’, Guarneri. NOTES – Set duration: 27′, 27′, 27′, 34′; Total: 115′. MVP: Serena Moneta (Seap-Sigel Marsala) TALMASSONS BOD – 3M VOLLEYBALL PERUGIA 3-0 (25-22 25-17 25-20) TALMASSONS BOD: Milana 3, Caneva 11, Taborelli 14, Rossetto 10, Costantini 7, Eze Blessing 2, De Nardi (L), Trampus 7, Campagnolo 2, Tognini 2, Michelini, Crisafulli. Do not enter: Monaco (L), Grassi. Herds Barbers. 3M VOLLEYBALL PERUGIA: Salinas 10, Pero 2, Giudici 14, Patasce 4, Agbortabi 8, Manig 1, Rota (L), Negri 3, Bosi. Do not enter: Traballi, Dalla Rosa. All. Marangi. REFEREES: Sabia, Sexolo. NOTES – Set duration: 24′, 22′, 25′; Total: 71′. MVP: Alice Trampus (CDA Talmassons) GROUP A – RESULTS – D&a Esperia Cremona-Itas Trentino 0-3 (24-26, 23-25, 14-25) Emilbronzo 2000 Montale-Valsabbina Millenium Brescia 3-0 (25-11 , 25-20, 26-24) Chromavis Eco Db Offanengo-Lpm Bam Mondovi’ 0-3 (13-25, 16-25, 18-25) Club Italia-Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio 1-3 (25-20, 21 -25, 16-25, 24-26) Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como-Bsc Materials Sassuolo 2-3 (25-27, 25-21, 25-27, 25-19, 11-15) Orocash Lecco-Volley Hermaea Olbia 0 -3 (20-25, 22-25, 16-25) THE RANKING- Itas Trentino 56 (18 – 4); Valsabbina Millenium Brescia 48 (16 – 6); Bsc Materials Sassuolo 47 (16 – 6); Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio 45 (15 – 7); Lpm Bam Mondovi’ 45 (3 – 7); Volley Hermaea Olbia 30 (11 – 11); Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como 28 (10 – 12); D&a Esperia Cremona 24 (7am – 3pm); Orocash Lecco 22 (7 – 15); Chromavis Eco Db Offanengo 21 (7 – 15); Emilbronzo 2000 Montale 21 (7 – 15); Club Italia 9 (3 – 19); GROUP B- RESULTS- Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio-Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia 3-1 (22-25, 25-17, 25-13, 25-18) Roma Volley Club-Itas Ceccarelli Martignacco 3-0 (25 -20, 25-23, 25-17) Omag-Mt San Giovanni In M.No-Volley Soverato 3-0 (25-12, 25-22, 29-27) Seap-Sigel Marsala-Anthea Vicenza Volley 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 25-17, 27-25) Board Talmassons-3m Volleyball Perugia 3-0 (25-22, 25-17, 25-20) Rested: Desi Shipping Akademia Messina THE RANKING – Rome Volleyball Club 60 (20 – 0); Omag-Mt St John In M.No 45 (15 – 5); BoD Talmassons 44 (15 – 5); Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio 42 (3pm – 5am); Itas Ceccarelli Martignacco 38 (13 – 7); Volleyball Soverato 30 (10 – 10); Anthea Vicenza Volley 21 (8 – 12); Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia 15 (3 – 17); Desi Shipping Akademia Messina 14 (4 – 16); Seap-Sigel Marsala 12 (4 – 16); 3m Volleyball Perugia 9 (3 – 17). QUALIFYING FOR THE PROMOTION POOL – Group A: Itas Trentino, Valsabbina Millenium Brescia, Bsc Materials Sassuolo, Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio, Lpm Bam Mondovi’, Volley Hermaea Olbia. Group B: Roma Volley Club, Omag-Mt San Giovanni In M.No, Cda Talmassons, Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio, Itas Ceccarelli Martignacco, Volley Soverato. PARTICIPANTS IN THE SALVEZZA POOL – Group A: Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como, D&a Esperia Cremona, Orocash Lecco, Chromavis Eco Db Offanengo, Emilbronzo 2000 Montale, Club Italia. Group B: Anthea Vicenza Volleyball, Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia, Desi Shipping Akademia Messina, Seap-Sigel Marsala, 3m Volleyball Perugia.

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