'The Last Of Us' Chapter 2, the ending explained: Does Tess die?

        Depression keeps coming on The Last of Us. For the second week in a row, HBO’s hit drama has seen the death of another deeply disturbing character. And just like the series premiere, this emotional punch should be familiar to anyone who’s a fan of the games. Spoilers del episodio 2 de The Last of Us.

        In the final moments of When You’re Lost in the Darkness, Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Tess (Anna Torv) finally manage to escape from the quarantine zone. That’s where it continues infected. As Joel and Tess wonder if they can trust Ellie and her supposed immunity, our trio fight their way through the wreckage of Boston.

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        As they do so, Tess explains to Ellie what an infected is. “The fungus also grows underground, long, cable-like fibers, some stretching more than a mile.Tess tells Ellie after seeing a horde of Runners massed up.You step on a Cordyceps patch in one place and you can wake up a dozen infected from another place. Now they know where you are, now they come. You’re not immune to being torn apart“.

        Between this scene, the opening of Episode 2 in Indonesia and the introduction of Episode 1 on a talk show, The Last of Us has spent more time explaining how this infection works than the games.

        After seeing that foreboding horde, a couple of roadblocks force Joel, Ellie and Tess into a clearly dangerous museum. That’s where they come face to face with two Clickers. Sneaking away and firing a quick shot, Joel manages to finish them both off, but not before one of them bites Ellie. She’s safe thanks to her immunity, but unfortunately, she’s not the only one who gets bitten from this encounter.

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        ‘The Last Of Us’ Chapter 2: ending explained

        Towards the end of “Infected”, Tess and Joel finally make it to the Firefly base where they are supposed to drop Ellie off. The bad new? They are all dead. Joel and Tess speculate that one of the Fireflies was infected and that the healthy ones fought the sick ones until they were all dead. The worst news? Tess is also infected.

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        Ellie is the first to realize that she was bitten at the museum. But instead of fighting for her own life, Tess uses what little time she has left to knock over gas cans and reason with Joel. Knowing that a horde is coming, she begs her partner to take the girl to her friends Bill and Frank. “I never asked you for anything, not even for you to feel what I felt“, pleads Tess. “This is your chance. She take her there. Keep her alive. And you fix everything… all the shit we did. Please say yes, Joel. Please.

        That’s all Joel needs to be convinced. He takes Ellie away and forces her to leave Tess behind. In her last moments, Tess tries to light a lighter while she faces a horde alone. One of the Runners discovers her and, in one of the most disturbing moments of the series, sticks his fungus-covered tongue down her throat. Fortunately, that’s when Tess’s lighter finally works. infected It ends with a huge explosion that wipes out the horde and our smuggler. So yes, Tess is dead (although it may not be the last time we see Anna Torv in the series).

        Rest in peace Tess. You weren’t exactly good, but you stood up when it mattered most.



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