The last interview of Vladimir Menshov – Colonel Cassad – LJ

The last interview with actor and director Vladimir Menshov. Recorded at the end of April 2021.

Abstract and time codes:

“We filmed this interview at the end of April 2021.
I wanted it to be the first on my channel.
But I did not know that he was going to be the last in the life of the Pope …
I did not have time to show my dad the resulting editing, because from the beginning of May his health began to deteriorate sharply, and we postponed watching …
I said: “You know, it turned out very well,” Dad smiled, but answered: “We’ll see that.”
Today is 9 days since dad is gone.
Dad, I hope you’re watching … ”- Yulia Menshova.


0:00 Start
4:54 Time
8:28 Character
18:27 Freedom
23:22 Men and women
33:53 Success
38:35 Principles
50:21 Test
53:58 Looking at things
58:49 Actor
1:03:09 Crisis
1:11:31 Morality
1:16:55 Death
1:20:18 Destiny
1:22:08 End (blitz)

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