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Italy also has to deal with the dizzying increase in Covid infections due to the spread of variante Omicron. It’s still, France, where the figures are the highest in all of Europe, with 200-300 thousand cases per day. Yet, in France, 90% of the adult population has completed the primary vaccination program and, soon, 30 million transalpines will have received the additional dose as well.

But why is Omicron so contagious? Why does it also affect those who received the booster? A detailed explanation comes from Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at the University Hospital of Lille, who was consulted by LCI explains: “The vaccine reduces the risk of contagion, but not absolutely“And again, he adds that the analyzes suggest protection from contagion with Omicron” from 30 to 40% after the third dose. “In short, rather low protection: however, we are talking about contagion, and not about the risk of hospitalization.

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The French Minister of Health, Oliveir Veran, he believes, however, that the figures are higher: “The vaccine reduces the risk of infection by 85%, including Omicron” But the variant, he admitted anyway, “it is less sensitive to the vaccine than the Delta“Words that seem a bit contradicting.

It’s still, a recent study published in Denmark it would show that, if those who received three doses of the vaccine were not 100% protected from infection, they were still far more protected than people who did not get the booster. So much so that Amouyel, commenting on the research, added: “The vaccinated with three doses is three times less likely to be infected with Omicron than those who received two doses”.

Finally, the estimates of Thibaul Fiolet, epidemiologist of Inserm, according to which “the effectiveness of the third dose against symptomatic infection varies between 54 and 75%”. And again, he added: “According to the latest analysis of Public Health England, the effectiveness of the booster dose declines shortly after ten weeks. Up to four weeks after the third injection, the protection was 65-75%. At ten weeks it dropped to 40-50%. “In short, many figures, at times quite contradictory, but which substantially confirm how Omicron actually manages to circumvent the vaccine more than the previous Covid mutations.

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