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With a mixture of emotions, which included pain, anguish and a warm memory, the last goodbye was lived to the enormous, and immeasurable, Chub Fontana at the Chacarita Cemetery, which took place this Wednesday.

The famous announcer turned off his light at the age of 90, in the specialized center where he recently lived. An outcome that flooded the entire entertainment world and the media with tears due to the magnitude of his figure.

The family suffered the blow of fate, because on Sunday he died Liliana Caldini, Fontana’s ex-wife, aged 70, and mother of his two daughters Ludmila and Antonella. A chain that shook the foundations of this nucleus and plunged them into a state of deep sadness.

With the rain in the environment, Fontana’s remains were transferred to the Buenos Aires cemetery, to first perform a farewell mass, which was attended by the speaker’s close circle, who came to offer him a heartfelt tribute.

Among Cacho’s colleagues who were present was Ferdinand Bravo, who looked visibly moved and affected by the announcer’s departure. Also, from the former Americas programming manager, Liliana Parodiwho also extended his respects to the family.

Antonella gathered courage to speak to the press yesterday, and within a shocked face she recounted her emotions in such a circumstance of life. “I can’t believe it. We are destroyed. It was an outcome that was going to happen at some point, but with my mom….”, he externalized.

In addition, Cacho’s daughter described that they did not inform her father about the death of his ex-wife: “We were waiting to tell you because we thought it might affect you”. The firmament has just received a star that will shine forever.


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