The lack of success means that Figueres can only draw at Vilatenim

With high morale. This is how Figueres arrived yesterday in Vilatenim in the first match in the Empordà region of 2021 after beating (0-1) a whole Girona B at home last week. The rival, FE Grama, might seem the most suitable to continue accumulating victories but the lack of aim wreaked havoc on the men of Javi Salamero who could only scratch a point (0-0). They had the best chances in a duel where they did not generate enough space. Still, Salamero valued the result as fair.

Contrasting dynamics. That means nothing. In this category every match is a new battle where anything can happen. Figueres stepped on Vilatenim for the first time this year to receive La Grama and give themselves a new victory. If the Empordà fans had been able to enter the field, they would have been scared at the start. The Barcelona team was able to open the scoring with two consecutive chances from Franco and Víctor. One was stopped by Andrew and the other went outside.

These two warnings had to wake up a sleeping Figueres but who put the danger was again La Grama. Luck, again, of Andrés who avoided the 0-1. The 0-0 draw reflected in the electronic. The locals only warned through the crossings of Coto. In the second half, Andrés was still the protagonist, making it impossible to concede a goal. Despite the number of chances for the visitors, the clearest was Medina who set up his shot on the crossbar. In the end, tables and distribution of points in a duel that Javi Salamero called fair and where he made his debut in the second half Marc Granero.

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