The king of wrestling wins in Aargau

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The king slept badly – so what? Stucki wins in Lenzburg

The Aargau Cantonal Wrestling Festival took place in Lenzburg on Sunday. The pilot project for future major events ended with the victory of guest and wrestling king Christian Stucki.

The triumphant: Christian Stucki is carried on the shoulders after his festive victory in Lenzburg.

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Who would have thought that Christian Stucki could still upset something? At least when it comes to swinging. In Zug he became king 21 months ago, with the Unspunnen (2017) and the Kilchberger (2008), the Bernese also won the two other Swiss wrestling festivals. There were also 128 wreaths and 42 wreath festival victories when he set off from Lyss to Lenzburg on Sunday morning. And despite all these successes, Stucki slept badly at night.

“I was very nervous, often woke up, sometimes drenched in sweat,” says the 36-year-old. How is that possible? Stucki himself says that the long corona break was special. He was torn out of the rhythm of success, didn’t know where he was.

The pressure as a king is even higher

Of course, that was the same as the other participants at the Aargau Cantonal Wrestling Festival. But there is more at Stucki. It was his first festival as a king. He had to deliver, everyone was looking at him. In Zug, he did the last course before Corona at the Swiss Confederation, and returned 652 days later. At the first possibility.

“That also played a role unconsciously,” says Stucki. The king’s pressure to succeed is even higher. Even for someone who has already won so much. And that’s why he lay awake.

But when it started for him at 9.30 a.m., there was no sign of it. In first gear, Stucki had to deal with Nick Alpiger, the leader of the north-west Swiss. Alpiger won the Central Switzerland Festival in 2019 and became one of the favorites for the title of king. Only an injury stopped him. But Stucki was not impressed by that, and laid the 25-year-old on his back in the style of a king in a hurry.

“It’s on my head,” says Alpiger. “He got me. But it was also a very good attack from him. ”

Nick Alpiger takes stock in a video interview.

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No matter which confederate came, Stucki laid everyone on his back

And so it continues. In his second course, Stucki defeated Tiago Vieira, the only non-confederate who should land on his sheet of music that Sunday. Then the Aargau Confederates Joel Strebel, Andreas Döbeli and Christoph Bieri were hit one after the other. Both Strebel and Döbeli got a chance themselves. “At the beginning I felt good,” says Döbeli. “Then he took control.” And turned onto the autobahn in the direction of the final aisle.

With five wins in five fights, Stucki had impressively proven that the break had left no marks and that he was nervous for no reason. “I am very satisfied,” says the Bernese. Even with him, it seldom happens that he dominates a party so much as a guest. The back, which still bothered him in preparation, “didn’t cause any problems”.

An uneventful final course

Because Alpiger recovered well from the defeat in first gear and even had four wins in a row, he finished second after five gears with Joel Strebel and the division had to decide who could challenge Stucki a second time in the final gear. “Of course I would have liked to be in the final aisle,” says Strebel. But the 24-year-old suspected that Alpiger would be given preference in the home appearance – the 25-year-old is a member of the Lenzburg wrestling club.

And so it came about eight hours after the first meeting between Alpiger and Stucki for the second.

In the final course, Alpiger did not let the king surprise him again. This time he held against it and balanced an uneventful duel. Stucki, however, handed one person to win the festival – and that’s how it turned out. The king fended off Nick Alpiger’s few attempts and was the winner of the event. The night after, he should have slept more easily.

Christian Stucki wins the Aargau Cantonal Wrestling Festival royally

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