The Kindeman Remedy will immerse us in the horror of prison experiences in the fall

The Kindeman Remedy will immerse us in the horror of prison experiences in the fall

Indie development studios Troglobytes Games officially reveal The Kindeman Remedya macabre psycho-horror management game taking players on a mission to discover the “perfect anesthesia”.

Prepare for its release on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in the fall of 2023, because it will not be for all players.

The Kindeman Remedy is a dark and twisted psycho-horror management game that puts players in the shoes of Doctor Carl Kindeman, a disgraced doctor whose unethical practices have banished him from his medical society, and Sister Anna , a promiscuous nun who has a particular fondness for fresh blood and a knack for secretly administering poison.

In an effort to restore his lost reputation by creating the perfect anesthesia, Kindeman accepts a job in a harsh and isolated prison, where he can conduct his questionable experiments out of the spotlight. Get ready to take on the role of Kindeman and Sister Anna, manage the doctor’s ever-bustling laboratory, experiment with different substances and poisons, sharpen your saws and knives, and finally determine who lives and who dies.

TitiksAssumed 30-something player and confirmed 2AM Father, fan of anything that can tell him a good story, inveterate jack-of-all-trades and devoted to the console universe since the MegaDrive of his youth, you will see me much more often connected at night fallen. Find me on Twitch @un_daron_dans_le_game and on Twitter.

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