Toshihiro Mibe, Honda CEO, does not seem to be shaking his pulse. In an interview with Automotive News, the Japanese manager acknowledged that he is leading an internal revolution in which within 20 years we hardly recognize today’s Honda.

“Honda will no longer be a car company in 20 years,” the CEO of the current car manufacturer has warned. A first step was the abandonment of combustion cars, but the transition to electric and hydrogen cars does not seem to be enough. The company seems convinced that the future of mobility does not go through the private car.

Following in the wake of other Japanese brands that had to reinvent themselves


The Honda case would not be the only one of a Japanese brand that it has had to reinvent itself. In the 1990s, Olympus was one of the most important camera brands and today it has become a manufacturer of gastrointestinal endoscopic cameras and medical instruments. A similar case occurs with Toshiba, which stopped selling laptops and music equipment to manufacture semiconductors and wind power plants.

Within the automotive world we also have Mitsubishi, which although it continues to manufacture cars, its great income comes from the world of energy and the exploitation of natural resources. Something similar happens with Toyota, where although it does have a strong presence in car manufacturing also develops robots and all kinds of machinery.

It is precisely in Toyota’s footsteps that Honda seems to want to follow, which already announced last September an investment of 40,000 million dollars to manufacture flying cars (eVTOL), Avatar-style remote telepresence robots and rockets focused on the space industry. .

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Honda Ceo

Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda

One of the phrases that the CEO of Honda has left has been that the company will manufacture fewer cars than at present, since it is convinced that we are going towards a future of pay for car use, as opposed to the current private car model.

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Unlike its rivals, Honda is not part of any other large conglomerate of car manufacturers. Other brands have been talking about investing in mobility services for years, but this commitment by Honda so decisively to move away from car manufacturing is a strong message to the industry. We will see if within 20 years Honda’s forecasts are fulfilled and if this change in strategy makes sense.

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