The invasion begins in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 • Nintendo Connect

Epic Games announces the start of the new season of Fortnite known. Chapter 2 – Season 7 is called “Invasion“And is about a mysterious alien army that invaded the island. As always, all information about season 7 is available in the official blog post and in the overview of the current season’s Battle Pass. Players join the resistance to drive away the enemy invaders. Season 7 also offers numerous new items, vehicles and of course a brand new Battle Pass.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 story trailer

Fortnite Kapitel 2 – Saison 7: Battle Pass-Trailer

Innovations in the air and on the ground

Fortnite– Players have the opportunity to climb aboard the aliens’ UFOs in season 7 to fly over the island with their team, shoot down enemies or have fun with the tractor beam. But there are also new technologies for the players on the ground. The resistance from the Imagined Order (IO) brings with it numerous futuristic weapons, such as the spy scanner, to examine the environment or a pulse rifle. Numerous other weapons will also be revealed by both the IO and the aliens over the course of the season.

Crafting and Battle Pass innovations

The appearance of the aliens creates numerous abandoned nuts and bolts that players can pick up to make various weapons that were previously in the vault. The normal assault rifle can easily be turned into a volley assault rifle or a submachine gun into a rapid-fire machine gun.

The new Battle Pass now also offers more control than before. As of this season, cosmetic items are no longer tied to reaching a certain level. Instead, players receive Battle Stars every time they level up, which they can then exchange for rewards at will. There are also special rewards on each page of the Battle Pass, such as the alien-friendly punk rocker Sunny or the synthetic artist Guggimon. However, these rewards will not be unlocked until all other rewards on this page have been claimed.

Become a Kymera

Players who claim the Battle Pass will instantly unlock the face-swapping alien Kymera. The specialty of this skin is the possibility to customize it. A total of around 80,000 possible combinations of different head shapes, eye and skin colors, patterns and armor colors are available to players. New customization options can be unlocked through found alien artifacts.