The interview where Shakira refused to be improperly touched by an entertainer

In recent days, a video has gone viral in which the Colombian singer Shakira confronts the Mexican presenter Adal Ramones.

The encounter occurred in 1995, when Shakira was just beginning her career and was doing a promotional tour for her first album, ‘Pies descalzos’. The woman from Barranquilla attended the “Another Roll” program to talk about her career.

One of the awkward moments occurred when presenter Adal Ramones asked him how he liked men and said: “I think he does have a 60 waist.” Immediately, he directed her hand to grab her waist, to which Shakira reacted by pulling him away from her body.

Ramones replied: “You grab me and I don’t say anything, grab me”, to which Shakira replied: “I don’t want to grab you, who said?”.

In the video shared below, the moment occurs at minute 32:42 of the interview.

Despite the moment, the interview continued: the woman from Barranquilla imitated the Mexican accent, the typical words of that country and thanked them for their support. At the end, she performed ‘Where are you sweetheart?’

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