Buenos Aires. On Friday, the Transamerica XI Naval Control Exercise for Maritime Traffic ended, with the participation of the Navies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia as an observer country.

The Argentine delegation was represented by personnel belonging to the Naval Maritime Transit Command (COTM), as local director. The Naval Fluvial Area, the Puerto Belgrano, Mar del Plata and Ushuaia Naval Bases, and the Río Grande Naval Station also participated; gathering a total of more than 48 personnel working simultaneously.

For two weeks, the participating countries, having Ecuador as the Commanding Officer of the Exercise (OCE), interacted online, with the aim of coordinating actions and training at the inter-American level, in techniques, procedures and resolution of hypotheses of conflicts and incidents of different nature, such as environmental disasters, transmission of pandemic diseases, health emergencies and incidents of war at sea / ports, among others.

Board exercises

TRANSAMERICA is an exercise that has been carried out since 1995, and its mission is to conduct a Naval Maritime Traffic Control Exercise (CNTM), in a simulated conflict situation in order to contribute to the training of the components of the ORGACONTRAM organizations ( Naval Control Organizations of Maritime Traffic) and during it participate both merchant and fishing vessels, real and simulated.

These “board exercises” promote regional integration and the consolidation of agreements that the participating navies have been carrying out over the last few years.

This activity is essential to consolidate in times of peace since it serves to coordinate the actions inherent to the monitoring, direction and defense of maritime transport, fishing and other economic activities carried out in waters of national interest with the actions of the countries of the region, to In order to contribute to the safety of maritime traffic when a crisis or armed conflict arises.

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