the inhabitants of several cities, locked up in their homes, on the verge of a nervous breakdown



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A. Miguet, G. Caron, L. Kisiela, A. Morel, K. Wang, C. Wang

France 2

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In China, the anger of the inhabitants is rising because of the measures put in place to stem the Covid-19 pandemic. 45 cities are already affected by more or less strict confinements.

Friday, April 29, a concert of saucepans sounded in Shanghai (China). The inhabitants demand food, and even write it on the walls by projecting luminous letters on the facades of the buildings. “We’ve been locked up for a month! I don’t even have any more eggs, even more essential products, like rice or oil!”, screams a woman. Shanghai residents have been locked up in their homes for five weeks.

These measures are always stricter, and without any horizon. So, some decide to escape confinement. The only solution is to leave China. A real obstacle course. Basile Desmeurs, entrepreneur and expatriate for ten years, has his ticket back to Paris. Only a few authorized vehicles can circulate. The cost of the trip is 200 euros; it’s ten times more than normal. The airport is deserted, and only two flights are displayed. For the French, it’s relief. “It’s the fact of sailing on sight, we say to ourselves, it’s been a month, it’s a long time, we work from home, but how long will it last?”explains Basile Desmeurs.



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