The inert beast has arrived.. the all-new Toyota Belta 2022 in the market, with prices, specifications, and no imagination – educate me

The price and specifications of the Toyota Belta are what various interested in the world of modern car models are looking for, which is one of what attracts a lot of car users and those who want to renew their cars with newer and better models in terms of energy, strength, internal capabilities and external appearance of the car, and this is what is available in a type of car. Toyota Belta, and it is important that the various insiders of the latest car models get acquainted with the specifications that have been announced by the car producer, which is the most prominent and famous company in the field of manufacturing the latest car models. And the next lines, with the most important information about the price of this car.

Toyota Belta price and specifications

The price and specifications of the Toyota Belta are the most important data, which many followers of the company’s production of Toyota want to know about modern models of cars, and among the most important features of this type of car, the type and brand of Toyota Belta, are the following from the following lines:

Toyota Belta specifications

The basic specifications that customers are interested in knowing about the Toyota Belta are what we will mention in the following points:

  • The car is of the type of sedan car, and it is available in two different classes.
  • The four-cylinder engine.
  • The motor conveyor is automatically counted.
  • The engine has a power equivalent to one hundred and five horses, which is an advantage of the Toyota Belta, which is strong in its movement power as well as in its internal structure as well.
    The automatic transmission has a gradual speed of four levels, and five speeds are for manual transmission or manual transmission.
  • The car consumes about five liters of fuel, and that amount consumed is enough to cover a distance of approximately one hundred kilometers.
  • The dimensions of the car are approximately four and a half meters in length, and more than one and a half meters in width.
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Toyota Belta car price

The price of a car that joins the first category is two hundred thirty-five thousand Egyptian pounds, while the price of a car of the same model of the second category is two hundred seventy five thousand Egyptian pounds.

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