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Indie corner insider tip: The Serpent Rogue

The medieval fantasy genre has been growing in popularity for a long time. Accordingly, many games are based in this setting. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a challenge for every genre fan sooner or later. But be careful, you shouldn’t miss out on The Serpent Rogue! The new title under the flag of Team17, developed by Sengi Games, takes you into a dark world with a unique graphic style. And this world has it all. However, one by one.

As a mysterious alchemist known as the Warden, it’s up to us to save the world from the eponymous Serpent Rogue. He has settled at the foot of Mount Morbus, from where he spreads deadly corruption across the country. Now it’s up to us to avert the impending danger and restore the natural order. But in order to be able to master this challenge, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Explore, research, experiment, craft, collect, battle and more are on the agenda. There is something for everyone in The Serpent Rogue.

The Serpent Rogue

As a male or female guard, we start the adventure.

The journey starts

In order to save our world, we are sent by Solomon to heal the corruption. First we find ourselves on a small farm. This serves as our base and is equipped with a furnace, an alchemy table and a research table. There is also a bed, a chest for storage and a wardrobe where we can customize our appearance. Since we start without any equipment or previous knowledge, the first thing to do is explore and collect. Already on this part of the quite extensive map we can discover a lot. In addition to some plants and ingredients, we also find a small market stall. This is where requests from residents are advertised. These are lucratively rewarded after fulfillment.

The Serpent Rogue

We set up camp in an abandoned house.

Explore, brew, cook, craft

If The Serpent Rogue is one thing, it’s extensive. In order to achieve our goal and save the world, we must first acquire extensive knowledge. To do this, we not only have to explore our surroundings and collect everything that isn’t nailed down. We must also study everything we find at our research table. Only then can we try to brew potions or craft objects and weapons. If we dare to try it before we have acquired sufficient knowledge, it can have fatal consequences in the worst case. Either way, we are wasting valuable resources.

So after we have examined all the ingredients and resources in detail, we can start processing them. Again, we have several options. Some can be prepared on campfires or cooking stoves, because our character needs food on a regular basis. At the laboratory table we can give free rein to our skills in alchemy and prepare all sorts of different potions that can benefit us in different ways. Potions can heal us, strengthen us or make us more resistant, but they can also weaken our enemies or develop unexpected effects. Last but not least, at the Forge we are free to craft tools and weapons that will protect us on our journey, or help us gather resources, and more.

The Serpent Rogue

In the diary we find an overview of all the ingredients that we have already found and researched.

With a little touch of magic…

To round off this extraordinary title, the developers throw in a pinch of magic. So on our journey we not only encounter supernatural creatures, some of which are more friendly to us than others. Furthermore, through idols or well-brewed potions, we are able to take on almost any form we choose. For example, we can fight in the form of a gigantic faun, or slip into the skin of a chicken to sneak into enemy territory unnoticed.

But that’s not all. If we know what food the creatures we encounter prefer, we can tame them. In this way we gain loyal companions and powerful companions who support us against the spreading corruption. And most important: You can touch the pet!


Greak: Memories of Azur - [Nintendo Switch]
Greak: Memories of Azur – [Nintendo Switch]

  • Hand-Drawn Graphics and Animations: A compelling story about family, home and community in hard times awaits, with colorful and expressive scenarios.
  • Unique Gameplay: The magical lands of Azur can only be fully explored by skillfully switching the three characters and using their various abilities.
  • Live Orchestral Soundtrack: The expressive and atmospheric music was specially composed to accompany a unique adventure.
  • Target group rating: Approved for ages 6 and up

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