The incredible video of this curious whale having fun with a paddle near the coast

A magnificent encounter between this paddle and this curious whale, which plays gently with the floating object, very close to the coasts in Argentina.

This outing at sea, coupled with an unexpected encounter with a whale in Argentina will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable memory to the person who was paddle boarding that day.

Reported by ABC news this Thursday, September 2 and spotted by our colleagues from the Independent, these images show a man on a paddle and a rather friendly and curious southern right whale, which turns around the board.

Playful, the whale goes so far as to give a little boost with its fin to the board, making it move forward smoothly. If the scene is indeed incredible, it therefore takes place on the Argentine coast, where the breeding season of this species of whale is from June to December, making the period particularly favorable for their observation.

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