TIM destroys Iliad with the new Iron 50GB and with the virtual promo, it starts from 5.99 euros

In these summer days we have given news of some price changes that took place in the WindTre house and in the Vodafone house. Unlike previous occasions, operators preferred to change some tariffs for mobile telephony initiatives rather than for fixed telephony initiatives. Even for customers TIM costs have been expected to change.

TIM, the two offers remodeled with a new price and new consumption thresholds

Starting from last month of June, the provider has decided to change the promotion rates Ten Go e SuperGiga 20. In fact, the operator’s choice was to combine the two promotions with a single package of consumption thresholds and with a standard cost.

Customers with these offers will now be eligible for consume no limits for phone calls, internet and SMS. The new price for the renewal will be instead of 23,99 euro. Unlike previous occasions, an increase of 1.49 euros is therefore expected.

The changes have taken place since last June 25. According to the regulations in force, since the deadline of 25 June has passed, users will no longer be able to opt for one termination without penalty of its own line.

This TIM provision concerns a restricted pool of users. A greater audience is instead affected by the remodulation that affected the SIM cards. All subscribers of the Italian operator who use a SIM but without an active rechargeable will now have to pay an additional fee of 1.99 euros. The additional fee will be deducted from the credit each month.