The importance of training in the voice of a former Mexican soccer player

How many times have you promised yourself to go to the gymnasium or enter one Athletic discipline to help you reactivate your body? We Lifestyle many times it doesn’t allow us to take that time to practice, so we talk to a exercise professionally who gave us something tips to improve your quality of life through physical activity.

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We talk to Rodrigo Garduño, former professional soccer player and creator of the 54d method, a fitness initiative with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to transforming not only your body, but also your mind, through a nine-week multidisciplinary training program that the physical, mental and nutritional part for a better lifestyle.

Benefits of exercise for our body

The expert has the benefits that its activation through exercise brings to our body:

  • Generates beneficial hormones: Rodrigo tells us that the exercise generate in our body hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocins what helps fight depression, anxiety and anxiety, which helped to clear the mind to attack certain everyday problems of life in a better way.
  • change habits: another benefit of doing exercise is that it helps change bad habitsLike the sedentary lifestyle oh on bad nutrition which usually leads to health problems which can even worsen over time and which affect the way we feel.
  • Improve rest or sleep period.
  • Improve self-esteem: see positive results on your body and mind which leads to a better version of yourself.

What do you need to practice?

The fundamental part, the expert tells us, to change our chip and improve our lives through exercise is to take awarenessto have decide to want to change y conviction.

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“Nothing in life happens when you don’t make a conscious decision. Nothing is going to happen until you are tired of how you look or tired of feeling that way. low moodcould depressionwith lack of self imagecould lack of trust. It is a decision of one’s own choice.”

Garduño believes that being tired of how we see and feel ourselves can be a good incentive to make a decision that leads us to exercise and have one good nutrition.

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“Already final any type of sports movement will trigger dopamine, endorphins, oxytocins in youvery important elements to combat depression, anxiety, anxiety, discomfort day by day by helping you clarify all the mental part so that your problems not only reduce but you have mental clarity to attack your life in a much better way and him too change all these patterns of habits and customs that we have”, he gestured to us.

In addition, it emphasizes that the benefits of exercise are When you feel good and fit, everyday activities that seem complicated can become will avoid fatigue and you will have more energytherefore recommend a multidisciplinary program, which does not focus only on one sport, “this is the best way to train”.

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