The importance of measuring the temperature in the exact place of the body

Now what take your temperature every day is part of our routine, we are going to tell you the possible differences that you can find within your own body. There is also a difference in temperature between men and women, being they the ones with the lowest base state.

But can we trust each temperature in our body? Yes, you always take the temperature in the same place, do not change every day and take the reference that suits you best. To get started,what is the base body temperature? Close to 37 degrees.

Temperature differences according to the part of the body that you take as reference

As stated by the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) “the normal average oral temperature is 37 ° C while rectal temperature is usually between 0.3 ° C and 0.6 ° C higher than oral , and the measurement on the forehead is usually between 0.3 ° C and 0.6 ° C lower than the oral one “, more or less stable and approximate measurements. There may be people whose average temperature is 36 and many people can base it even somewhat lower.

Given the increase in thermometers that take the forehead temperature, like a ‘pistol’, indicate that they are prepared for a forehead measurement. In other places, such as a doll, they can give altered data. What’s more, depending on the creams that the person wears, and even makeup, the temperature can be altered.

Who should do the temperature measurements

According to the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), this type of measurements, if carried out, must be carried out by health professionals that give “a differential diagnosis” with approved devices and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

And they insist on three aspects to take into account:

Distance between the device and the person on whom the test is performed must be less than 40 centimeters, so whoever holds the thermometer must protect themselves adequately.

-The main biases in these measurements are the handling of the device, the type of reading and the approval of the thermometer.

-If using this tool, the healthcare professional must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, use an approved device, do it close to the patient and perform the appropriate movement on the skin.