The impact of technology in medicine

Saturday, April 9, 2022


The contributions of technology for the benefit of improved health began to be seen in the world in 1876, when René Laennec invented the stethoscope. He was followed by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch who discovered the bacteria that produced tuberculosis and anthrax and thus laid the foundations of bacteriology in 1870.

Years later, in 1901, Karl Landsteiner described the ABO blood grouping system, which classifies the blood of human beings into groups A, B, AB and O. Thus, for centuries, technology has gone hand in hand with medicine, always evolving to heal humanity.

The most recent case was does two years when the world was affected by a virus which paralyzed its activity in general. Once again science and technology went hand in hand with medicine and a new vaccine was developed to attack Covid-19.

Technology has impacted different areas of medicine in a positive way, and has undeniably opened the door to the health sector, facilitating procedures, diagnoses, treatments and follow-up of different medical conditions in the future. These advances accelerate the analysis of data for health personnel and for patients, without forgetting that their well-being is not a trend, it is a matter of health and health is quality of life.

And advances in the field of neonatology have covered great distances in the care and correct growth of the newborn, with dual incubators, radiant cots, light therapy lamps, resuscitators, infusion systems and fetal monitors. All these technological solutions help medical teams to offer the highest level of patient care.

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For 2 years, the health industry played an essential role in Argentina and despite the devastation caused by the pandemic in all areas, it positioned the medical industry in a place of relevance.



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