The immunologist voiced five conditions for re-infection with COVID-19

According to the KP, immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolay Kryuchkov, in an interview with reporters, named factors that can provoke a re-infection of a person with a new type of coronavirus.

First, according to the specialist, due to severe chronic diseases, despite the presence of antibodies and cellular immunity, the body may not have enough of its own protection against re-infection. Secondly, patients with a suppressed immune system, taking immunosuppressants after organ transplantation, cancer patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, can become infected again.

“Thirdly, vaccines do not give a complete guarantee that a person will not get infected, their effectiveness is designed for only 3-6 months. Then protection can drop to 60-70% … Fourthly, there are different types of antibodies, … and neutralizing, protecting against new infections, make up a relatively small share in the total level … Fifthly, you can become infected with a new, British strain of coronavirus … For immunity, the mutated strain will not be a completely unfamiliar enemy, but a decrease in the effectiveness of protection in one way or another at least in those who have been ill and vaccinated, it cannot be ruled out, “the immunologist said.

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