The image of the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman

Ben Affleck has returned as Batman. This image of Aquaman 2 published by Jason Momoa makes one of the most anticipated returns official.

the star of Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa, has used social networks to share two images. However, it did not appear only in them. She was next to another of the stars of the DC Extended Universe. More specifically, with the actor who gives life to Batman, Ben Affleck. The latter sports the same haircut he wore Bruce Wayne on the League of Justice. It clearly indicates that he will be in the sequel to the king of atlantis.

Additionally, Jason Momoa included the following caption: “Together! Bruce Wayne and Arthur Curry. I love you and miss you. Studio tours with Ben Affleck at Warner Bros. Pictures have just explored the outer buildings. Everything is alright. They broke me on set. All the Great Things Coming to Aquaman 2“. So it looks like Batman will be in the next big movie of the DC Universe. Such good news!

What does this mean for the future of the DCEU?

Jason Momoa also included a video with the post showing him interacting with a tour of fans. He was joking about the fact that he wasn’t a fucking secret anymore, regarding the appearance of Ben Affleck’s Batman in Aquaman 2. He then headed to his co-star’s dressing room, which was only labeled with his initials when Jason Momoa walks in and takes a quick photo with the actor who plays the actor. Bat Man at the cinema.

Chances are, considering Ben Affleck returns as Batman in The Flashand knowing that Aquaman 2 will lay the groundwork for that big DCEU event, it makes sense that Bat-Man is going to show up in the King of Atlantis sequel. Ultimately, they have to justify the fact that the Dark Knight go out in The Flash and face off with a multiversal counterpart like Michael Keaton. Let’s hope the rumors aren’t true and I don’t end up dying in The Flash.

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