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You have planned the vacation of your life and now it’s time to pack your bags. And among the essential things to put inside the luggage is the toiletry bag! What a mess if you want to take all those products that live in the bathroom, in their original containers, and that you use in your daily routine. First tip: the travel bag is to carry only the essentials. And that will depend on your destiny. We have gotten the experts to give us some tips to put together your basic kit and here we tell you about them.

Let him throw the first stone who has not ever happened that upon reaching his destination he realizes that he has left the moisturizer, sunscreen or that favorite lipstick … among other things … Caught? Or … caught? You are not alone! But to prevent this from happening again, good organization is key. Although the first step will be to take into account the place you are traveling to, as well as whether you are staying in a hotel or an apartment, as well as the means of transport you are going to use (we already know that by plane in the cabin we cannot take liquids over 100 ml), recalls Rosa Roselló, DRUNI’s director of training.

Always at hand

The basic list wherever you go

Makeup is also for summer

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It does not matter if your next stop is in a place of paradisiacal beaches, an environment full of trees, mountains and pure nature, or a city with alleys, museums and gastronomy to discover. There is a basic list that you should include in your toiletry bag. Time to aim! (Remember that it should be as practical as possible).

Basic list


Hygiene products. On the one hand, we have to bring personal hygiene products that are available in some hotels because this is not always the case. Make sure to include, for example, shampoo, concentrated bath gel (small format), some hair protector (mask, balm …) and deodorant, better if it is without aluminum salts … says Begoña Gómez, expert in Yves Rocher treatments . Do not forget! Toothpaste and it is also advisable to carry a small first aid kit (plasters, anti-mosquitoes … etc.).


Facial treatment products. From Yves Rocher they advise you to bring the products that you use in your usual treatment program at home (we cannot forget to follow the same routine every day to treat the skin). “The most practical thing is to look for products in a mini format or you can also resort to solid cosmetics that currently have become a good option for traveling because you can put it on the plane, it takes up little space and is also more sustainable,” says Rosa Roselló.


Solar products and others. The appropriate SPF product for each skin phototype and the after-sun cream (for both the face and the body) are unavoidable. Also, your favorite perfume or if you prefer a scented mist.


Essential for the boys. Obviously the basic kit already mentioned but without forgetting the shaving products (balm, soap, blades…) and also some styling products (foams, waxes, styling gels…), the experts at Druni stand out.

Beach, city or mountain

This is how your toiletry bag should be!

Beyond having the basic kit that we have already pointed out ready, the next step will be to take into account your destination and add to it certain products that adapt to your care routine according to the place and activity you are going to do.

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It is one of the favorite places to go on vacation. Begoña Gómez advises including sunscreen with SFP and aftersun (for face and body) among your essential products. And, in addition, the protective oil for body and hair, plus lip balm.

Sunscreen can never be lacking because being exposed to the sun without applying it can cause sunburns that, in addition to being annoying, could even cause skin cancer in the long run, recalls Rosa Roselló. “In addition, the sun can cause skin irritations, redness and, in the long term, premature aging,” he warns. The Druni expert recommends using a specific sun protection for the face, because they are products adapted to each skin (oily, combination, with acne, dry…) and with more appropriate textures. And another sunscreen for the body, with a high factor (SPF 50), especially if it is the first exposures of the summer. “Then we could go to an SFP30 as long as it is not a skin sensitive to the sun or with a very clear phototype. And if we have children, it is advisable to bring a specific sunscreen for them, because their skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of adults ”, emphasizes Roselló.

Sun protection also includes the lips. That’s why Druni suggests using a lip balm with a sunscreen. “The skin on the lips is very thin and could burn,” Roselló clarifies. Likewise, hair care should be extreme at this time. And, the best thing will be to do it with a capillary sunscreen that is applied as the skin protection. Solar sticks will also be very useful, which are very practical to protect specific areas, a tattoo, a scar, a wound … and so on.

Beach days are very appetizing, right? But between so much exposure to the sun it will be necessary to calm and hydrate the skin. Your best ally will be the aftersun lotion, they remember from Druni. “Regarding moisturizing creams, aftersun are specifically formulated to repair the skin and calm it after sun exposure, they tend to have texture and refresh very pleasantly,” says Roselló. While light moisturizers are ideal for the face. Another alternative is after-sun facials and post-sun serums to repair damage. Or in any case, thermal waters, facial sprays or mist are also very useful to rehydrate the skin at any time.

And between skin and face care, you also have to pay attention to the hair. That is why it is not a bad idea to make a little space in your toiletry bag to fit a hair mask. “It will be useful to avoid frizz and dryness in your hair, which can be affected by the sun and sea salt,” says Roselló.

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Now if your plan is to tour any city, the experts at Yves Rocher list three products that you should carry in your toiletry bag: the facial treatment, the protector and the lip balm. You got it?

Very important! Sun protection always, insist from Druni. “Obviously we need it more on the beach because we tend to be more exposed, but if we go on vacation to the mountains or visit a country, we also spend a lot of time abroad. In these places, it is important to protect the face and exposed areas of the body, ”says Roselló. The expert also recommends adding facial sprays and mists to your travel kit, since facial skin can be exposed to the sun, air conditioning, heat … so rehydrating is always good.

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If you are going to surround yourself with nature, experts indicate that you should have sunscreen with SFP, aftersun and a lip balm on hand. Do not forget! And in this case, just like on the beach, better if you avoid makeup: the more natural the better.

How to save space

What about makeup products?

Attention makeup lovers! Begoña Gómez suggests betting on products that allow us to achieve an express look and for this you only need a foundation, powder, concealer, masks and lipstick. “During the day and with exposure to the sun, it is better to avoid the use of makeup. After the exposure, if necessary, just apply a little concealer, sun powder, mascara and lipstick ”… And enjoy! Emphasizes the expert.

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Deciding what to put in your toiletry bag (without having to carry another suitcase) will be a thing of the past. And among the essentials that we have already detailed, you can still apply these tricks to save space without giving up the skin care that Marta Barrero and Elena Ramos, pharmacists, experts in dermocosmetics and directors of the beauty center, The Secret Lab, have shared with us. .

– Look for an off-road serum. Hyaluronic acid is perfect since, in addition to being able to apply it at any time of the day, it prevents dehydration of the skin so normal in summer.

– Share what you can. During the days you are away, use cosmetics that you can share with someone (cleansers with your friends, light unisex creams with your boy …)

– Take advantage of your sunscreen. Use one that is moisturizing, so you can do without the day cream (but only as a holiday exception!)

– Multipurpose products. Take a multipurpose repair product that you can use on both the body and the scalp (during the summer they also suffer from theirs!)

– If you go to the mountain. Apply a very high SPF (do not forget delicate areas such as the eye contour or lips, which can suffer burns) and replace waterproof makeup with nourishing creams with a touch of color.

– Go on vacation with your skin ready. Get a good facial in the cabin to clean it in depth, hydrate it and leave it protected against the aggressions it is going to suffer (sun, chlorine, salt …). So you can take these days off as the “cheat meal” for your skin, but always keeping in mind that cleaning, moisturizing and protecting are essential steps. It is preferable to go a “tad” more charged than to return to harsh reality with shattered skin!

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The hair products you should include

Your hair also deserves a separate attention. According to Adolfo Remartínez, founder of the brand specialized in hair care Nuggela & Sulé, there are five essentials that you should include in your travel bag.

A specific shampoo for each type of hair

There is a specific shampoo for each type of hair, look for yours!


The first, a shampoo with keratin! Second: a sunscreen with extra that helps protect the hair not only from the sun’s rays but also from the use of the irons. You will also need a multipurpose mask, there are options that you can use during washing and sun exposure!

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Then you can use an all-terrain mist, because have you noticed that when you travel your hair looks different after washing it? Each water is a world. So a hair mist will help you balance the PH of the water and counteract the effects of lime so that the hair is perfect in your day to day, on the beach, in the mountains or wherever you are. And, finally, don’t forget a hair aftersun that will allow you to erase the traces of the summer days. “These products will help us reduce porosity, close cuticles damaged by the sun, preserve color and nourish intensely”, Remartínez points out.

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