The Hunger Games at Playrix. The company is making massive staff cuts

“Hard times” have become an excuse for some employers to neglect the decent attitude towards their employees. So, two weeks before the mass layoffs, the head of Unity assured the staff that everything was fine with the company and that no one would be fired. Game Insight changed management and announced the liquidation of the Russian branch without any payments to employees. According to our sources, the “silent giant” of the mobile market Playrix is ​​ready to join the list of employers with a bad reputation whose management carry out massive staff reductions, resort to psychological pressure and other manipulations.

According to company employees who wish to remain anonymous:

  • The abbreviations are mainly highly paid employees (team leaders and department heads), but they also shoot line staff (artists, designers, programmers).
  • Employees are fired both in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine and even in the USA. However, there is reason to believe that the company plans to limit its presence in the Russian Federation: Four studios have already closed and cutbacks continue.
  • Communication on the topic of layoffs within the team severely suppressed management
  • Employees forced to write a statement of their own free will or by agreement of the partiesto avoid statutory payments.
  • If the request to write an application is followed by a refusal, then the company recourse to psychological influence: intimidate with non-payment of wages and forged documents, taking advantage of the lack of legal knowledge among employees.
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Despite the company’s apparent financial success, its employees faced sudden layoffs. «We are still very profitable and we are not facing the issue of lack of funds.“, – admits the co-owner of the company Igor Bukhman in an open letter to the company’s employees. And there he continues:

Now we evaluate the results of employees more rigorously. We want only strong specialists to work in the company. This will help us to do everything more efficiently and better.

Igor Bukhman

It is clear that the reason for the decrease in the company’s profits was not the employees who created this profit, but the market situation. Judging by the response of management, workers will have to pay for the consequences of the crisis. And this is despite the corporate values ​​proclaimed by the company, according to which “people are more important than processes.”



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