Marcelo Bielsa, gave to Newell’s a hotel two years ago. Now, taking advantage of the great popularity in the life of the coach who has just got the promotion of the Leeds To the Premier League, the board of directors of the Rosario club announced the privacy of the hotel, which with a contribution of 2.5 million dollars from Bielsa, the club built on the Bella Vista property, in the west area of ​​Rosario, where the first team and the lower divisions are trained.

The hotel, whose direct investment came out of the pocket of the current Leeds coach, is named after Jorge Bernardo Griffa, the most important player maker in the entire history of the club at the request of Bielsa himself.

The construction of the hotel was in charge of the “Loco” sister, the architect María Eugenia Bielsa, it has a total surface of 2500 square meters, distributed in five floors of 500 each.

On the first and second levels are the common areas such as the dining room, recreation and entertainment rooms, the auditorium and the barbecue. And below is a parking lot for twenty vehicles.

On the third floor are the 12 rooms for players with all possible comforts. Upstairs are the bedrooms for the main technical staff and technical assistants.

The hotel was ready in November 2018 and the condition of Bielsa It was to deliver it ‘turnkey’, so that its large monetary contribution was not in danger due to any situation that the club suffered economically.