The Hotel of the Famous: Sabrina Carballo and her particular theory about Locho’s strategy

Sabrina Carballo, on Locho’s strategy

Less than a week after leaving The Hotel of the Famous after being eliminated by Lissa Vera in the “H”, Sabrina Carballo She spoke to the media and in addition to making it clear that she would not return to a reality show like the one Pampita and Chino Leunis lead, she assured that Locho, with whom she did not get along at all and was even accused of bullying him, made a character for the show.

In dialogue with intruders the ex friends She said she was “excited” to be out of the game: “I want to see my friends and return to my normality, to do theater and fiction.” About her time at the hotel, she insisted on clarifying that what happened with Lucas Loccisiano, better known as Locho “no es bullying”: “EIt’s a program, each one chose to stay or not, we are adult people, we get paid and we were there because we wanted to”.

Regarding the comments in defense of his partner that invaded social networks, he said he understood it but that he was struck by the fact that many, in the name of ending violence, were even more violent and added: “Many said that if it were their son they would defend him, that’s fine, but the issue is that this person does not generate more violence.”

Sabrina Carballo and Locho

Regarding what happened, he said: “It is difficult to spend three months with people with whom, perhaps, you do not want to be, then discussions are generated. It happened to me that I have an OCD with cleaning and he is not like that. I realize that my reactions were shown but they did not show what generated them”, He said and was insistent: “Not everything was shown, it’s not scripted but in the edition they say ‘Show this from Sabrina, this from Maxi and this from Lucas, that’s what we mean when we say it’s scripted”.

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In addition, although they lived together, he assured that “each one made a character” and remembered a phrase that the ex mentioned to him Combat he barely entered the game, at the end of April replacing Rodrigo Noya: “’Here are the bad guys and the victims’ he told me. El Chanchi also made a character, he is a strategist, we are going to have a talk with him”.

On the other hand, he made a kind of mea culpa by ensuring that I did not see it as a game and that he could not differentiate what was happening at the Hotel de Cañuelas with real life: “For me everything was true, the one who treated me badly treated me badly, I cried like a bitch, like never in my life I cried. I would not do a reality show locked up againit’s not easy for them to record you 24 hours a day, you have reactions and live with people you don’t choose… it’s impossible for you not to have reactions or go back and forth”.

On Monday, after Sabrina lost in the “H” against Lissa, the Chanchi Estévez resigned from the game. “I am a person who does not regret anything, and this decision that I made has a lot of strength and conviction. It is something that I want to leave to my son tomorrow, ”he said as he said goodbye.

The next day, the ex-boyfriends crossed paths Show Partners:We owe ourselves a chat. Isn’t this a game, Maxi? Estévez replied: “Yes, full. What happened in the hotel is entertainment, competition. Now that it’s over, my life begins outside, everyday and real.

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When asked about what the aforementioned talk would be about, she explained: “That is something personal. They told me in networks to go to hell with him and that seemed a bit violent to me. But we have to get together to chat because Chanchi is an important person in my life. He never hit me or mistreated me, or any of those things they say. When I get angry I say strong things, but that happens with any partner or ex-partner. We owe each other a talk beyond the game because, personally, everything was a great disappointment.


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