The Hotel of the Famous: Martín Salwe noticed Emily Lucius after the departure of Silvina Luna

Martin Salwe seems to have quickly forgotten Silvina Moon with the arrival of Emily Lucius a The Hotel of the Famous.

The influencer to the announcer as his “angel” inside El Hotel de los Famosos and both left the door open for something to happen between them.

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Emily, how are you? I wanted to formally welcome you to the Hotel, and I’ll tell you what we have here. At the Hotel we offer a service that for new clients is the one on one or angel service”commented Gabriel Oliveri.

“What is this? It is a person who is going to be close to you, throughout your first week, to tell you what time breakfast is, what time lunch is, because you have been finding out, you are half lost”he added.

The influencer and the announcer were complicit since she set foot in the hotel. (Photo: eltrece)

“And I have two options for you, which you would have to choose. I have the possibility that it is Martín, who has been in the Hotel for a long time, and the other person is Locho”I proposed Oliveri.

“Martín”she replied without hesitation.

“With Locho you had no affinity?”Gaby asked.

“He talks a lot”the influencer was honest.

“Martín, you know that Emily is new and when we have someone new we have the one on one program, which is one person who takes care of the other, to show her everything that is going to happen in the hotel, so that she feels welcome, welcome at the hotel. I gave her several options and she chose you ”Oliveri commented to Martin.

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“I can know the reasons for the election, they interest me”asked the announcer.

“No, for the short time we were there, it seems to me that we generated much better affinity than with the rest”Emily was honest.

“It stung, well there”Salwe replied, as they shook hands.

“With Emily I’m going to try, if it stings and if it doesn’t sting, we leave life”commented the announcer in front of the camera.

“I would like to start a friendship relationship because it seems to me that he is a boy who, by opening up, perhaps shows another character that is really inside him”said the influencer by his side.



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