The Hotel of the Famous: Emily Lucius said that she was with a man who was twice her age and Martín Salwe reacted

Emily Lucius made a shocking confession in El Hotel de los Famosos that dislocated Martín Salwe. The influencer revealed that she was with a man twice her age and the announcer reacted to such a revelation.

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But before, Sabrina Carballo had suggested, while the participants were sitting outdoors at night around the stove, that they tell which older couples they were together with.

“What was the oldest mine you had? You, Tincho? he asked Salwe to confess. “48”, said the announcer. “And you, what age? was the actress’s next question. “23she said, prompting Sabrina to gasp at the difference between them and Emily’s surprised reaction.

Emily Lucius’ confession

You, who was the greatest you were with? was Carballo’s question to Lucius.

I was 17, and he was like 34”, revealed the sister of Belu Lucius.

oh no, very playfulSalwe reacted.

Are you carrying me, boluda? Sabrina reacted. “No, but it was the best thing I ate in my lifeEmily acknowledged.

“What is the minimum, Emi?”, Chanchi Estévez’s ex then consulted him. “No, stop, my niece’s age, no”, he added. “24”, was his reply.

You Maxi, if you will have entered… come on… You didn’t enter my grandmother, did you?”, he asked Chanchi very sharply. “How much was the greatest of your age, how many more years?”, He wanted to know, but the ex-football player pretended to be distracted. “Twenty-something and thirty-something, I was never…”, answered.

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Sabrina then asked how many threesomes her reality show partners had. “like four”, Salwe told him and then asked the actress if she had done it, to which she replied in the negative. Shall we have a threesome? provoked her.

“And you, Emily, wouldn’t you have a threesome?” he consulted the influencer.

“Never, I don’t know. I don’t wanna say no ’cause I never had the chance”, was his reply.

“You, me and your best friend”, shot the announcer. “not even fart“, I answer.

The Hotel of the Famous. Photo: eltrece



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