The hot bibimmyeon war…  Yoo Jae-seok vs Lee Jun-ho vs Hwa-sa bout

The hot bibimmyeon war… Yoo Jae-seok vs Lee Jun-ho vs Hwa-sa bout

Nongshim and Ottogi’s Challenge Threatening the Bibim-myeon Threat

(Photo courtesy of Nongshim)

With summer being the peak season for bibimbap, competition is already fierce. In order to occupy the throne of bibim-myeon, ramen makers started marketing in earnest with famous celebrities. Competition for bibim noodles is intensifying because the market is growing rapidly, and the market share of Paldo’s bibim noodles, which once reached 80%, has fallen to the 50% level, leaving a gap for latecomers to penetrate.

According to the industry on the 13th, the domestic bibim noodle market has grown from 89.6 billion won in 2016 to 150 billion won in 2021, nearly doubling in five years. Accordingly, ramen urbes are giving their strength to target consumers in order to recapture the leading Suseong. Especially this year, it is expected that ramen will be in the limelight as a meal during the economic downturn and high prices.

Longevity ramen ‘Paldo Bibimmyeon’ gets younger… Lee Jun-ho selected as model for 2 consecutive years

Paldo announced on the 13th that it had selected actor Lee Jun-ho for the second year in a row as its model for Paldo Bibimmyeon. Lee Jun-ho transformed into an actor as a member of the idol group 2PM and became a popular celebrity by performing passionately in the drama ‘Red Sleeves’ last year, and is currently filming the JTBC drama ‘King the Land’. Paldo plans to solidify its position as the No. 1 brand by continuing positive synergies through model relaunch.

Since its first release in 1984, Paldo Bibimmyeon has maintained its top spot in market share. However, recently, formidable challengers have emerged one after another, and the market share, which once reached 80%, has fallen to the 50% level last year. According to the industry, Paldo took up 53.3% of the bibimmyeon market share last year, followed by Nongshim with 19.1% and Ottogi with 11.4%. In pursuit of the latecomer, Paldo attempted to reverse the atmosphere by presenting Lee Jun-ho, who is popular among young people, as the new face of bibim-myeon.

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Even though it has been ranked first for decades, the product has changed. In 2019, it targeted the younger generation with the spicy version of ‘Gwaldone Nemtin’, and last year, it released a winter edition with an increased quantity of ‘Bibim Myeon 1.2’ and winter fish cake soup, and recently, ‘Paldo Bibimjang Low Calorie ‘ was released. In addition to clothing and footwear Generation MZWe are also introducing a number of collaboration products for communication with

(Photo courtesy of Paldo)

(Photo courtesy of Paldo)

‘Nongshim Baehong-dong Bibimmyeon’… Yoo Jae-suk effect ‘Again’

Nongshim’s ‘Baehongdong Bibimmyeon’, which has recently shown remarkable growth, is considered as the first strong rival of Paldo Bibim Myeon. In the meantime, Nongshim, a traditional ramen powerhouse, has not released a worthy bibim-myeon, but in 2021, launched ‘Baehong-dong Bibim-myeon’ and threw a vote into the bibim-myeon market. This product, which is flavored with pears, red peppers, and dongchimi, sold over 34 million bags immediately after its launch and was a box office success.

It is pointed out that the secret to its popularity is that it uses the bittersweet taste and Yoo Jae-seok, a broadcaster who is considered the No. 1 celebrity as an advertising model, befitting the No. Nongshim, which enjoyed the effect of Jae-Suk Yoo at the time of its launch, hired Mr. Yoo as a model for three consecutive years this year following last year. An official from Nongshim said, “Last year, we recorded more than KRW 25 billion in sales based on the factory price, widening the gap with the third place and solidifying our second place.” I will challenge the fight,” he said.

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The lineup has also expanded. Last month, Baehong-dong launched Baehong-dong Jjolmyeon, which uses dry noodles as a new product of the Baehong-dong brand, and launched a new advertisement. In this advertisement, Yoo Jae-seok appears as a new character called ‘Yoojjolgit’, the youngest son of Bae Hong-dong’s house, and says, “What are you doing to save the secret? It is the content of introducing Baehong-dong Jjolmyeon with the comment, “It is rubbed on chewy Jjolmyeon.” Afterwards, Nongshim plans to release an advertisement with a copy that reads “Rubbing the whole country with Baehong-dong” as a follow-up in April, with Yoo Jae-seok traveling across the country in a food truck to promote Baehong-dong.

(Photo courtesy of Ottogi)

(Photo courtesy of Ottogi)

Ottogi, aiming for a reversal as a model for the eating goddess ‘Mamamoo Hwasa’

The momentum of Ottogi is also not easy. This company launched ‘Jin Bibim Noodles’ in March 2020 and celebrated its third anniversary this year. This product also sold 30 million sticks in three months after its launch, threatening Paldo Bibim-myeon. Last year, it introduced a renewal of ‘Jinbimmyeon Baesamaemucho’, which upgraded the ‘sauce’ that influences the taste of bibimmyeon, and added pears, plums, and radishes, which were not previously available. In addition, the weight was increased by 20% compared to the previous one, reflecting the consumer opinion that one is not enough. With this distinction, the cumulative sales volume has recently exceeded 100 million bags.

At the time of launch, Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher and entrepreneur, was used as a model to create a delicious image. Last year, Lee Sun-bin, Han Seon-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji, who appeared in ‘Drinking City Women’, were selected as new models to focus on planting a young and fresh image.

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This year, Hwasa of Mamamoo, a girl group famous for being the ‘goddess of eating’, was selected as the new model for ‘Jin Bibimmyeon’. In the newly introduced advertisement, Hwasa shouts ‘Super Siwon Spicy’ to the background of the highly addictive Baesamaemucho song produced by Ottogi, and presents realistic and delicious noodles.

Samyang Foods, the ‘original’ of ramen, is strengthening its bibim noodle business with ‘Bibim Milmyeon’, which increased the amount of noodles by 20% compared to previous products last year. am.

An official from the ramen industry predicted, “The bibim ramen market will also find vitality as demand for ramen for one meal is expected to increase this year, with the scorching heat approaching 20 degrees early this year, coupled with the economic downturn and high prices.”



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