The Hollow Book receives its third edition

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The Hollow Book will have a new edition. Our most successful book to date dedicated to Hollow Knight will return to our store for the third time after completely selling out in its two previous editions.

This new editionYou can already book in our storeopen to the public and will beavailable next december.

What is The Hollow Book?

It is the result of painstaking research to put all the pieces of the Hallownest story together. They are256 pagesin which our dearRoberto Barragandelves into all aspects surrounding the Suffering Kingdom. A compendium divided into four books that covers from top to bottom each and every one of the elements that make the work created by Team Cherry unique.

Between the boned pages of this volume you will find information aboutthe geography of Hallownest and its inhabitants,Their protagonists(Flash, The Pale King, The White Lady, etc) and the beasts that inhabit it. is includeda very complete bestiary arranged alphabeticallyso that you discover the dangers that are hidden in the underground kingdom. In addition, it also addressesrelics,spellsythe power of amuletspresent in the adventure of El Caballero. Our Roberto Pineda has also dedicated pages of his study to the creators ofHollow Knightand the phenomenon that has resulted in its arrival to the public.

the hollow bookis fully illustrated by our artists:Sergio Melero,Isa FernandezyTony Mulahave taken it upon themselves to assist the author by creatingseventy-four engravingsthat make up the pages of this tome of the void. Characters, places and scenes directly from the mind and hands of our illustrators.

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To launch this book, we have set out to carry out one of our most ambitious projects. Not only in terms of content, but also the qualities with which we want to offer youthe hollow book. Inside you will findan iridescent brown paper, which is not pure white, and which gives off shine when hit by light. In addition, it presents a hard cover binding and is sewn in thread.

Thank you for supporting The Hollow Book.

SinceGTM EditionsWe want to thank all the owners of The Hollow Book for making the launch of this third edition possible. The reception of this work so full of affection has been spectacular and, months after its release, we continued to receive new requests to reissue it. The day has finally arrived.

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Jose AlamoJanuary 10, 2023


Jose AlamoDecember 15, 2022

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