The heroine of the series “Al-Hajj Metwally” was transferred to the hospital, and her health condition is critical!

It’s 11:05

(Ahdath Net / Rania Al Ahmadi)

The artist, Nourhan, revealed that she was exposed to a health problem and sudden pain in the bones during the past hours, after she was transferred to the hospital and underwent some medical examinations.

Through her account on Facebook, Nourhan published the medical examinations that she had conducted and commented on her, “Pain, pain, pain, I ask you good prayers, away from me the pain of the body, the evils of humans, the coup of the friend and bond, the estrangement after friendship, and disappointment in those whom we thought well of.”

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On the other hand, Nourhan participated in the last Ramadan season, in the series “Yotron”.

And the series “Yoturn” starring Reham Hajjaj, Tawfiq Abdel Hamid, Karim Qassem, Mahmoud Hegazy, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Abeer Sabry, Ayman Al-Qaisoni, Mahmoud Hafez and other elite stars. The series is written by Ayman Salama, produced by Jamal El-Adl, and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

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Last year, Nourhan participated in the Ramadan season in the series “Between the Sky and the Earth” with Hani Salama, Dora, Yousra Al-Lawzi and other elite stars.

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