The hero who rescued the child from DANA: “I heard his exhausted voice, he was in the rain all night”

The hero who rescued the child from DANA: “I heard his exhausted voice, he was in the rain all night”

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A 10-year-old boy named Izan has been rescued in ash village after his car was run over by the DANA. OKDIARIO has gone to the scene and has managed to speak with the hero who rescued the little boy. “I heard his exhausted voice, he was in the rain all night”recounts Eduardo, the rural guard who managed to find him perched on a tree and save his life.

It was 8 in the morning on Monday when Eduardo and his wife found Izan, the 10-year-old boy who remained up a tree all night after the car in which he was traveling with his parents and sister was the victim of the flood in Aldea del Fresno (Madrid). Both guard the Finca del Santo, a private property of the Madrid municipality to which Izan arrived dragged by the Alberche river. Alerted by the neighbors, who have been up all night watching live the damage that DANA has caused in his town, the guard and his wife decided to go out and look for the little boy.

They found the boy in the top of a tree. «I was screaming: There is someone there! and he answered me. I heard her exhausted voice, she was all night in the rain ». It took me a while to find him, but it was easy to get him down from the top of the branches,” Eduardo tells OKDIARIO. The guard explains that he found the boy with admirable integrity after spending the whole night in the rain without giving up. Izan spent more than eight hours holding on and waiting for someone to rescue him.

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«He told me that he fell, that the water had dragged him, that he was with his parents and his sister in the car and that he managed to get out through the back”, narrates Eduardo. And he continues: “He thanked me all the time and asked me about her sister.”

Izan was without clothes, she had bruises on her face and scratches all over her body. As Eduardo and his wife recounted, the little boy was bruised in conditions that were difficult for them to forget. «I told him to put on a jacket and he told me that he was not cold, he was in shock. Then the civil guards told me that when the cold passed he began to shiver, “explains Eduardo in a telephone conversation with OKDIARIO.

After being found by the couple, Izan was transferred to the Navas del Rey health centerand from there to King Juan Carlos Hospital of Móstoles where he is recovering satisfactorily.

The State Security Corps and Forces have also managed to rescue Monica, Izan’s mother, and her sister. The architects have been the Civil Guards of the Mountain Service who managed to find them and unearth the vehicle from the mud.

run over car

According to official sources, the family wanted to monitor a second home that they have in ash village alerted by the rains. Crossing the bridge at 23:25 last Sunday August 3, the family car fell into the river being dragged along its course. A firefighter witnessed it and raised the alarm.

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It was then that the people took to the streets and hearing the cries for help they called the rural guard of the farm. Eduardo and his wife did not hesitate to go out to rescue Izan. The heavy rains caused by the DANA did not stop them. At 8 in the morning, they found him and wrapping him up, they took him with the Civil Guard. The guard and his wife had saved his life. A miracle in the middle of an area that has already been declared catastrophic.

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