The vegetables son healthy food that can make us increase our well-being if we consume them on a regular basis. In this sense, a study published in The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, affirms that the intake of Beans it can increase our life expectancy to 100 years.

Follow one diet healthy and balanced and perform exercise on a regular basis can make our health improve exponentially. For this reason, experts repeat over and over again the importance of this lifestyle if we want to live many years.

And it is that the professionals of the nutrition claim to include food In our day to day, they provide us with essential vitamins and minerals can lead us to prevent a large number of diseases.

In this case, legumes get a good rating on the list of foods that will help us take care of our body. And, more specifically, bean whatever type we prefer to ingest.

For this reason, given the importance of knowing everything that Beans They can contribute to our health, in this article we are going to talk about the beneficial properties of this type of legume.

Beans are very nutritious legumes for the body

It is estimated that an average of approximately 1.4 servings per person per week of vegetables. This is well below the recommendations of the different agencies of Nutrition and health, which speak of consuming three servings per week.

For this reason, it is worth talking about the importance of including this type of food at our diet. And it is that without a doubt we are going to improve the Health of our organism exponentially.

In this case, we are going to talk about the big Benefits of the Beans, also known as beans. These will provide a large amount of nutrients and vitamins that can increase life expectancy up to 100 years.

As we mentioned earlier, a study published in The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, states that bean “They are the cornerstone of most centuries-old diets.”

In fact, numerous studies claim that people who lived longer in ancient times ate more than two plates of Beans up to date. So it has been shown that they are very beneficial to prevent diseases and to protect the functioning of the immune system.

And it is that beans are very nutritious and will not add just fat to our organism. In addition, they are very satiating because they are very rich in protein.

Health benefits of legumes

The vegetables have Benefits for the health of organism very important that we must include in our diet on a frequent basis. On cardiovascular health, it has been proven that the intake of vegetables minimizes blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and adipose tissues.

On the other hand, in obesity it has been determined that vegetables increase the period of satiety and control digestive hormones. And when it comes to digestive health, this superfood has bifidogenic content.

The vegetables they have a lot of protein in their composition that make them very positive to control appetite and to improve digestive health.

Mainly, we distinguish between two types of natural proteins: Those of vegetable origin and Animal origin. They differ in quality and digestibility. Thus, the most appropriate is to ingest proteins from different sources that benefit health. As are legumes.

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