The health of the President

The health of the President is a matter of National security because a disease can lower their physical condition and affect their ability to understand reality and make decisions and, of course, because a fatal outcome would generate a bitter dispute over space and major disruptions in terms of governance. Perhaps that is why, in the past, the illnesses of the head of state have been hidden.

In the last stretch of his term, the president Adolfo López Mateos suffered an aneurysm, which affected his ability to rule, and his successor, Gustavo Diaz OrdazIn the “cold war” environment, he developed a paranoia that led him to turn a youth claim for civic freedoms into a communist conspiracy, which led to the outcome of the tragic afternoon of October 2.

In the case of Vicente Fox, the diagnosis of the experts of the Vatican Roman Rota who studied his petition to annul his marriage with Lilian de la Concha was very severe: “serious personality disorder, histrionics (before hysteria) and narcissism.” In those days it was said that the person with the greatest protection from the Presidential General Staff was Marta Sahagún, because if something happened to her, Fox would govern.

For the second time in just eleven months the president Lopez Obrador He was infected with covid again, fortunately slight. But this new contagion makes it inevitable to remember his sayings: that not stealing, not lying and not betraying helped a lot so that the covid did not occur. And also remember the doctor Hugo López-Gatell that, anticipating Father Solalinde who discovered in Andrés Manuel “traits of sanctity”, he affirmed that the president’s strength was not contagious, but moral.

Beyond his physical vigor, which is expressed in his ability to work and in his incessant tours of the country, López Obrador shows, especially on his face, an obvious deterioration. Perhaps the acute heart attack that he suffered on December 3, 2013 left him sequelae. The slow cadence in the expression of his ideas could be the consequence of micro cerebral infarcts. But, in addition, other disturbing traits persist: his delusion of grandeur, his megalomania: he insists on his idea that the transformation he leads has the depth of Independence, the Reformation and the Revolution, at the same time that his resentments, phobias and hatred are accentuate; he is a man dominated by his grudges.

Just last Monday, when he was already presenting the first symptoms of the contagion, he appeared as if nothing in the morning conference and, minutes before, he headed his daily meeting with the security cabinet. Contaminated a second time, will he finally learn to put on the mask and keep a healthy distance?

Substitute for morning lectures and other school activities. Adam Augusto Lópezis giving the new Interior Minister a visibility and authority that will allow evaluating his management as head of the government’s internal policy. Suddenly, the succession game is altered; they watch him with concern in the old city hall.

President of the Interdisciplinary Consulting Group.



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