: The health and well-being of professionals, at the center of Human Resources strategies ::

31/05/2021 In this last year the emotional health of the employee has been at the center of the Human Resources strategy. Talent Day 2021 has had Cristina de Las Morenas, HR Director at GSS Covisian Group, Patricia Recio, Learning & Experience Manager at Verisure Securitas Direct and Daniel Torras, Director of the Human Resources Area at Caixabank Business Intelligence & Caixabank Nex to talk about the disruptive and digital initiatives that have been launched at the Emotional Health & Digital Care table, presented by Jaime Pastorín, Business Development Manager at Vitaly (Preving Group).

On Vitaly (Preving Group) They offer prevention services and, therefore, are very aware of the importance of caring for the health and well-being of all the people who are part of a company. “The pandemic has been an engine to drive digital transformation in companies and has fueled new needs” -in terms of health and well-being- explained Jaime Pastorín, who has generated “a response from organizations to accustom health plans and develop new measures that can improve the situation experienced ”.

Since GSS Covisian Group They have promoted various initiatives to safeguard the health of their professionals, among them, free video-medical consultations, anti-stress and positive thinking training, tips for a healthy and sustainable diet and even the humor series “How to survive confinement”. In addition, the great Human Resources project has been “With you, everything is better”, “a project that was born from illusion and that gives a voice to all the people who are part of the company,” explained Cristina de Las Morenas. “These have been a communication tool to inspire and motivate, channeling all the queries and needs of our colleagues from the Human Resources area.”

We also have Securitas Direct to present your wellness program in speed talk format. “This program has made us reinvent ourselves in many ways. We wanted it to be very participatory, for our collaborators to feel part of it and create it together with us, ”said Patricia Recio. “We asked our collaborators and this allowed us to have a more holistic vision of what wellness is in order to make a segmented value proposition,” he added. Thanks to listening, they have been able to develop a proposal that covers well-being needs from different perspectives (physical, emotional, economic, developmental well-being…) and that has a high satisfaction rate.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, one of our priorities was the safety of our professionals. We wanted to give maximum peace of mind to people who had to go to the office,” said Daniel Torras of Caixabank Business Intelligence & Caixabank Nex. Along these lines, they promoted communication initiatives such as virtual cafes so that managers could talk about the most emotional part with their collaborators, a newsletter to value work with clients or speed talks to present relevant projects. Likewise, and in terms of training and development, 360º feedback evaluations were promoted, training on how to direct and lead remotely, as well as other training more focused on physical and emotional health.