The Vatican has just recognized as a miracle the inexplicable healing of an Argentine girl, who in 2011 was in a vegetative state at the Favaloro Foundation.

After being evicted by the doctors, her mother began to pray to John Paul I and, overnight, Candela Giarda’s situation was totally reversed.

In 2011, Candela Giarda traveled almost 500 kilometers by ambulance, from her native Paraná to the Favaloro Foundation. After suffering from severe encephalopathy, she was intubated. Her mother, a doctor and a nurse accompanied her.

“Candela led a normal life until she was 10 years old, which was when she got sick. It started with a headache. I thought it was because I needed glasses. I took her to the pediatrician and ophthalmologist’s office, but no one knew what she had, because the only symptom was a headache. Within a week, Cande began to deteriorate, until she had vomiting and a fever. When I took her to the guard, they told me she was incubating a virus, “said her mother.

“She was getting worse and worse, until in the early morning of March 27, 2011 I took her to the Paraná pediatric hospital and she was admitted to therapy. In a few hours she was in a coma, on a respirator. She had seizures and tried different anticonvulsants But nothing worked ”, testifies Candela’s mother, who was not separated for a minute from her daughter.

Roxana Sosa says that she made a pilgrimage to sanatoriums, hospitals and different health centers in Entre Ríos, but no one knew how to explain what her daughter had.

“Since we arrived in Favaloro, Cande got worse instead of better. He had no life expectancy. They even told me to go back to Paraná to die at home, ”Roxana recalled, shocked and tearful, in the kitchen of her house. The specialists told her that, if she survived, the girl would be left in a vegetative state, blind.

The darkest and most exasperating night was that of July 22, 2011, when Dr. Gladys hugged her and said: “We can do nothing more for her. Cande dies tonight ”.

At that moment, Roxana decided to stop by the church where she always went to pray, the Nuestra Señora de la Rabida parish, located a few meters from the clinic, in Buenos Aires.

Candela, the father José and Roxana, the mother of the young woman.

There she had met Father José Dabusti, who contained her in those dramatic days. “That night I went in and asked him to come see her. When he approached Cande’s bed, he prayed and told me to put my hands on top of her and entrusted her to Pope John Paul I ”.

Fortunately, the fatal outcome never came. A few hours after invoking John Paul I, the girl began to evolve favorably. Doctors and nurses could not credit what was happening.

Until his life was in no more danger and he left intensive care. Less than twenty-four hours after being with pneumonia, hard and white as never before, she was beginning to regain her vital capacities. For his mother, there is only one possible explanation: “Miracles exist, and I saw it with Cande.”

At 21, like many young people, Candela is very proud that she is studying a technical degree in Animal Safety and Hygiene at the university, while also running a honey-selling business.

Father José Dabusti, traveled from Buenos Aires to Paraná to meet again with Candela and her mother. When asked why he entrusted it to John Paul I, he maintains: “More than devotion, I have a lot of affection for John Paul I, who is an unknown Pope.”

And he adds: “When I was 13 years old, I was struck by his image, his smile, his humility. I said ‘let’s pray to him’ and the next day there was a completely inexplicable improvement in Candela ”.

The priest wrote a letter to Pope Francis, in which he told him what had happened. I sent it to him through his brother, who was traveling to Rome.

Later, after a call from the Vatican, he sent all the documentation of the case.

This Wednesday it was known that Francis opened the way for the beatification of John Paul I, by authorizing the issuance of a decree that recognizes the healing of Candela as a miracle attributed to the intercession of that pontiff.


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